Lunch Trance – 2021-03-24 – Top of the Week

Oh well, this took a while… my setup still isn’t what I’d like it to be but this morning I just couldn’t bear it any longer, I just had to play! So I weaseled my way through all the various hardware and software issues (and believe me, there were a lot, I haven’t cursed this much in a while) and got a setup running that at least enabled me to do this show. It is an old show, though, I prepared this show shortly after my setup broke so these are the charts of week 6 of 2021.

I have no idea when I will be playing the next show, and there’s still all this job search thingy going on as well so don’t hold your breath.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Kenny PalmerLight’s Hope
00:05:48Fiora, Seven LionsDays to Come (Seven Lions 1999 Remix)
00:09:17DT8 ProjectWho Knows For How Long
00:13:41Beauney, Woody van EydenVivid Visions
00:17:38Fenna Day, Raz NitzanRoom For Doubt (Stoneface & Terminal Mix)
00:22:20C.M.R.Lost Vision (Sam Laxton Remix)
00:27:09Dan ThompsonLose Yourself
00:31:45Factor BThe Unforgiven
00:36:51Kerli, Seven LionsWorlds Apart (Seven Lions 1999 Mix)
00:41:17Anthya, Solis & Sean TrubyTimeless (Dustin Husain Remix)
00:45:41Dan Thompson, DaxsonDifferent People
00:50:22John GrandBefore Tonight
00:54:06James Cottle, Tiff LaceyUncertain World
00:58:30Audrey Gallagher, Binary Finary, KINETICAIn Our Blood (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
01:03:33Capa (Official), Diana MiroThe Lights
01:07:01Christina Novelli, Markus SchulzNot Afraid to Fall (The WLT Remix)
01:11:41BiXXYes I Can (BiXX Anniversary RemiXX)
01:16:42Project 8Enemy of the State
01:24:08Mickey MarrROAR
01:28:06K90Deliverance (Tempo Giusto Remix)
01:31:48i_oCastles in the Sky
01:36:10Exolight, SuncatcherWater Colour Memories (Last Soldier Mix)
01:41:19HALIENE, Seven LionsRush Over Me (Seven Lions 1999 Mix)
01:44:41NicholsonDetermine Your Life
01:52:33Roxanne Emery, SMR LVELost in Love (Madwave Remix)
01:57:12Ferry Corsten, GouryellaGouryella (Matt Fax Remix)
02:07:14Jason Ross, Paul Meany, Seven LionsHigher Love (Seven Lions & Jason Ross 1999 Remix)
02:11:28Mhammed El Alami, Steve DekayShadows
02:15:28Myon, Nikol ApatiniGhost Town (Myon Tales From Another World Mix)
02:20:41FariusQuiet Hope
02:23:55Above & Beyond, Richard BedfordThing Called Love (Oliver Heldens Mix)
02:28:27Paul DentonExistence
02:33:47Jody 6I Like You Better When You're Dirty
02:37:57A.R.D.I.Follow the Shadow
02:41:54David NimmoWhat Goes Up Must Come Down
02:46:38Kenny PalmerShala’nir
02:50:15James DymondJupiter and Beyond
02:55:19Talla 2XLCFollow the Meteor
02:59:30Scott Mac, SignumComing On Strong (ReOrder Remix)
03:03:31Apollo, Ben NickyDance
03:05:01Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
03:08:55Alex M.O.R.P.H.Escape
03:12:55Craig Connelly, Tara LouiseWhat Are You Waiting For (Will Rees Remix)
03:18:22SneijderChase the Sun
03:23:427 SkiesZAO
03:31:21Allen Watts, Chris SchweizerCabrones
03:35:46Aly & Fila, Audrey Gallagher, Luke BondMillion Voices (Billy Gillies Remix)
03:40:10Armin van BuurenTurn the World into a Dancefloor (ASOT 1000 Anthem)
03:44:03Giuseppe OttavianiGlowing in the Dark
03:48:33Will AtkinsonThe Last Rave on Earth
03:53:39Steve Allen, Trance ClassicsAdagio for Strings 2021

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