Lunch Trance – 2021-12-22 – Top of the Week

Tinlicker’s “Children” has re-established itself firmly in the upper half of the show, dropping only a single place from #22 last week to #23 this week. When will it re-enter the top 20? Or the top 10? Maybe even the top 3? Oh my!

Next show is going to be next Wednesday, December 29th, 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Clara Yates, Ralphie BLive Like Legends
00:05:29Ferry CorstenFor Your Mind
00:09:51Arctic OceanFeel the Wave
00:14:17Dash BerlinOceans (Robbie Seed Remix)
00:19:25BarWallNew World
00:24:08David ForbesSail
00:28:35Aimoon, Alexander Popov, Brandon Mignacca, NovanBrighter (Aimoon Remix)
00:33:00Kenny PalmerWestfall
00:37:25Darren PorterReason to Rise
00:41:21JH DaltonRepentance
00:46:27Will ReesOutset Theme
00:52:15Billy GilliesDensity
00:56:28FariusLittle Pieces
00:59:55Rex Mundi, SusanaNothing At All (M6 Remix)
01:03:40Sunny LaxYou Can’t Control Me
01:07:49Koyah, Leonard AAu79
01:10:36Steve DekayMarvellous
01:14:05Scot ProjectT2 [Trip]
01:20:21Audrey Gallagher, Klassy ProjectWhen the World Stood Still
01:24:16Goontha, YordeeGalactika
01:28:08Tomas HerediaEye Contact
01:36:22AVAO, Ben Nicky, Kye SonesGuilty
01:38:53Arctic MoonThe Great Unknown
01:43:35Ronski Speed, Talla 2XLCPrey
01:47:50Sunny LaxPraimfaya
01:52:13Karen OvertonYour Loving Arms (re:boot Remix)
01:56:11Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
02:00:17Rated R, Smith & BrownMaven
02:04:16David ForbesCerberus
02:08:27Cate Kanell, SneijderLetting Me Go (Stargazers Mix)
02:13:05Clara Yates, Jordan SuckleyLet Me Be Your Fantasy
02:17:57Awii, R.E.L.O.A.D.Blame Me
02:22:41Andrea Britton, Lost WitnessWait For You (John O’Callghan Remix)
02:27:04Billy GilliesNostalgia
02:31:56Allen WattsGDL (Yoshi & Razner Remix)
02:37:55Ben Nicky, Distorted DreamsWe Come 1
02:40:13Kolonie, Paul van DykWishful Thinking (PvD Club Mix)
02:48:02Simon Patterson, Will AtkinsonGolden Hour
02:54:17XiJaro & PitchSic Parvis Magna (Yoshi & Razner Remix)
02:59:13JESWish You Were Here (Robert Nickson Remix)
03:05:13Ciaran McAuley, Clare StaggAll I Want (Craig Connelly Remix)
03:11:22System FOut of the Blue (Matt Fax Remix)
03:16:30Shugz, SymmetrikTriplicity
03:21:16Above & BeyondScrewdriver
03:24:41Armin van Buuren, SusanaHome With You (Rising Star Remix)
03:29:11Mark SherryTake Me
03:34:05Above & Beyond, Richard BedfordSun & Moon (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
03:39:06HALIENE, Richard DurandGive Your Heart a Home

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