Lunch Trance – 2022-02-16 – Top of the Week

Another great episode of Top of the Week, many new tracks but it started off with some technical problems as some part of the audio chain running on Windows decided to not properly do its job and instead deliver a horrible experience for my listeners. After two kicks against various shins the show could then finally proceed… so if you had to suffer through multiple stream restarts and bad audio you should definitely listen to the while thing in pristine quality again:

Now, I have a day off on Friday because I need to do some stuff early in the morning but I thought that after that I could play the first Top of the Month show of this year… I’m really looking forward to that, it’s been quite a while since I played one of these and for various reasons I do enjoy them differently than the weekly shows. I have no idea whether I will be able to play further shows on Fridays or whether I will need to use the weekend though with no demoparties to go to I could probably take off one day each month… 😄

So, the next show is a Top of the Month and it’s on Friday, February 18th, 2022, 🕚 11:00 CET/UTC+1 (not a typo, 11 in the morning, where do you think the name “lunch trance” comes from?). The next Top of the Week show is going to be next Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022, 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1, as per usual.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Derek Mark, Hassan JewelReflections (Zach Zlov Rework)
00:07:08James DymondExpanse
00:14:52Chris SchweizerThe Other Side
00:19:31Paul Priestly, Rob TisseraAn Eternal
00:24:37Cosmic Gate, Olivia SebastianelliWe Got the Fire
00:28:35HALIENE, TritonalLosing My Mind
00:34:35Tony De VitI Don’t Care (Nicholson Remix – D14)
00:40:02Iain MDefiance
00:43:58Abstract Vision, SpaceLine, U-MountLet’s Go
00:47:28Binary Finary, Sylvia Tosun, Talla 2XLCBelieve in Everything (Steve Allen Remix)
00:52:38John AskewThese Dogs Trust No One
00:57:26BiXX, Yoshi & RaznerVictoria
01:02:04David ForbesDelirio
01:06:19Clara Yates, Jorday SuckleyLet Me Be Your Fantasy (Davey Asprey Remix)
01:11:12Kyau & AlbertHearts Will Burn
01:14:13Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
01:18:17Code 2Past Memories
01:22:28AngelusKeeps Me High (Jody 6 Remix)
01:26:51Genix, JVMIEUntil I Find You (Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)
01:35:25Jason Nawty, Mobi DWhat Is What
01:40:28Vicente PanachI Found You
01:44:15Christina Novelli, Mark SherryLighting Fires (Paul Denton Remix)
01:48:55Christina Novelli, Roman MesserFrozen (Full Fire Mix)
01:54:00David ForbesImmersed
01:58:18Mario Piu, SygmaSerendipity 2.0 (David Nimmo Remix)
02:01:48NuSpirit, ObsidianDecipher
02:08:02Metta & GlydeOur Own Gods
02:17:06Activa, Mac & MondayA Light in the Dark
02:22:54Adara, Feel, Vadim BonkrashkovMad Love
02:26:26Connor Woodford, ShugzNo Control
02:30:40Amin Salmee, Rene AblazeYour Love
02:35:16Talla 2XLCThe Oasis (Metta & Glyde Mix)
02:40:29Clara Yates, XiJaro & PitchRescue Me
02:44:54Jordan Tobias, ReOrder, That GirlGreat Ocean Road
02:48:22Roman MesserMystery Land
02:52:32Stowers & CooperOur Light
02:57:39JSKA, SylarLose Control
03:02:07Talla 2XLCThe Rebel
03:06:31Arty, Mat ZoRebound (Jason Ross Mix)
03:10:19Kenny PalmerAzuremyst
03:14:21Giuseppe Ottaviani, Mila JosefFade Away
03:18:22Jessica Doherty, Liam Melly, Paul SkeltonWolves
03:22:16Ben Nicky, Christian Burns, Greg DowneyAlways
03:25:46Robert Nickson, Stoneface & TerminalFrom the Sun
03:31:03Aly & Fila, Charlie Walker, Scott BondShadow (Paul Denton Remix)
03:35:59Marcel WoodsAdvanced (Maddix Remix)
03:39:00Billy GilliesExpression

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