Lunch Trance – 2022-04-01 – Top of the Month

That has to be the most minimal delay for a Top of the Month show, like, ever! The new month is just eleven hours old and I’m already starting the Top of the Month show for the month that literally just finished? How crazy is that?!

Well, just a little bit, to be honest. I believe I did spend the last day of my vacation well, so after the weekend it’s back to work for me but right here you can pretend it’s still this morning at 🕚 11:00 and listen to the whole thing in one go:

The next show is going to be a Top of the Week show on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Christina Novelli, Richard DurandThe Air I Breathe (Kryder Remix)
00:07:12Emma Gillespie, Jon CraigSilence
00:12:13Paul Arcane, ScolarioDonovenya
00:16:46Above & Beyond, Mat ZoAlways Do
00:22:07Alissa Feudo, MyonMoon (Myon Hard Club Mix)
00:27:44Super8 & TabApollo
00:31:13Audien, XIRAOne Last Dance (Farius Remix)
00:35:15Estiva, KudusFluor
00:38:14Giuseppe Ottaviani, Mila JosefFade Away
00:43:02SpadaTake Me There
00:47:16Amy Wiles, Matt Fax, Mirror MachinesRemind Me Why
00:51:31Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
00:55:52Ben Nicky, Christian Burns, Greg DowneyAlways
01:05:07April Bender, Giuseppe OttavianiSomething I Can Dream About
01:10:37Andy Moor, Natalie Major, SomnaBorn to Run
01:14:41Dan Soleil, Giuseppe OttavianiHero
01:19:29Karen OvertonYour Loving Arms (ALPHA 9 Remix)
01:28:53David Elston, Sean TyasRaindance
01:33:53Claas Inc.Flug auf dem Glücksdrachen
01:37:40Ramin ArabFlashover
01:41:11Tempo GiustoThe Unicorn Master
01:45:12Alan Morris, La Antonia, Sue McLarenNowhere Left to Hide (BiXX Remix)
01:49:29Active Limbic System, Niko ZografosElevation
01:54:36Blutonium BoyMake It Loud (Shugz Remix)
02:02:45Miikka LInflorescence
02:07:23Metta & GlydeMeant to Be
02:11:46XiJaro & PitchBeyond This Realm
02:17:05Paul RyanMaya
02:26:49Allen Watts, RAMColosseum (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
02:32:22SneijderBring the Noize
02:36:36Niall McKeeverMidnight Blue
02:41:42JonahSssst… Listen (Talla 2XLC Mix)
02:46:41Cari, Roman MesserSilence
02:52:47Paul DentonBrisa
02:57:08Aly & Fila, Charlie Walker, Scott BondShadow (Paul Denton Remix)
03:01:32Alex M.O.R.P.H., Cheryl BarnesBe As One
03:06:04Maarten de JongMagnum Opus
03:09:45Jessica Doherty, Liam MellyLord It’s a Feeling
03:14:09Selim OzkayaStarlight Over Us
03:18:36Kaimo K, Sharon ValeronaThe Final Day
03:22:45Amos & Riot Night, Hit the BassTheros
03:26:06Peetu SVox Machina
03:34:38JES, Will AtkinsonLong Way Home (Will Atkinson Club Mix)
03:40:04Cora, Ghost EtiquetteSwim
03:44:26Jimmy ChouCrisis Point
03:48:40Adrian ZgzEmotions
03:54:15NO-SOI Do Both Jay & Jane
03:58:53MiyukiRiver Flows in You
04:03:34Papulin, Roman MesserJumanji
04:06:19Mary Sweet, Matt BukovskiRescue
04:10:18Ben GoldXtravaganza
04:15:17Sam LaxtonLife in Trance
04:20:52Claas Inc., Gid SedgwickThrough It All
04:24:24ReOrderNew Beginning
04:27:38Zach ZlovNightfall
04:32:07SkywaveThe Distance
04:36:18Coulson (UK), NG RezonanceResilience
04:41:014 Strings, SusanaCompletely
04:44:01Liam MellyEnvision
04:48:10Lucas DeyongIn to Space
04:52:00Renegade SystemCrush
04:55:55Adam DixonFlight
05:00:50Talla 2XLC, That GirlNothing Compares to You
05:05:43Dan Stone, Stine GroveI Am Human
05:10:26Marcel WoodsAdvanced (Maddix Remix)
05:14:23Jason Nawty, NG RezonanceMadame
05:19:09NhatoMorning Bells
05:23:05C-SystemsEvery Star
05:26:31Achilles (OZ), MaRLoNothing Is Left
05:29:29Tom ExoDreamcatcher
05:33:42Andrea RibecaGalactica
05:38:07Craig Connelly, Gid SedgwickReach Out
05:42:20Metta & GlydeArcadia
05:47:24Kayan CodeArena (Steve Allen Remix)
05:52:31Ben Gold, PlumbSame Sky Same Stars
05:58:08Gareth Emery, OmniaUnity
06:01:35A.R.D.I.End of Silence
06:06:03Lost WitnessLateott
06:14:52Craig Mortimer, Johnny EEuphoria
06:18:48NhatoBlind Anger
06:23:18Awii, Vision XP.O.P.
06:32:39Steve TrollopeLunascape
06:36:51InoblivionA New World Rising
06:41:28Greg DowneyX-Ray One
06:47:05Project 8Trouble
06:51:20John Askew, Shelby MerryWhen Darkness Comes
06:57:31KarneyThe Autopilot
07:06:05Craig Connelly, That GirlLittle Mystery
07:12:06David RustSlow Motion
07:16:02John O’Callghan, Kathryn GallagherMess of a Machine (Billy Gillies Remix)

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