Lunch Trance – 2022-04-13 – Top of the Week

Wow, this week had a lot of new entries! Twenty-nine tracks displaced more than half of last week’s tracks, making this probably the least stale episode ever. 😀

In other news: we contacted some people last week who had a cat to give away and after a short visit the couple currently owning the cat decided to give him over to us. He will arrive on friday and my wife has already switched to cat heaven construction overdrive mode, painting, sawing, and building a couple of things that the cat will hopefully enjoy.

If all goes well I will have some pictures to show next week. 🤞

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, April 20th, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Richard Bedford, Roman MesserBreathe (Ahmed Helmy Remix)
00:04:44Clay C, Ramin ArabTempter
00:12:48Dennis Sheperd, Mira FederTorture
00:15:49Karen OvertonYour Loving Arms (ALPHA 9 Remix)
00:19:29Deirdre McLaughlin, John O’CallaghanSaving Grace (Mekk V Remix)
00:24:04JH DaltonDon’t Stop the Music
00:27:45The WLTHearten
00:31:32Kenny PalmerShattered Sun (David Forbes Remix)
00:35:42Talla 2XLC, That GirlNothing Compares to You
00:40:34Marcel WoodsAdvanced (Maddix Remix)
00:44:05XiJaro & PitchBeyond This Realm
00:48:58Ronski SpeedAyuma
01:00:26EL Waves, Yoel LewisPath of Light
01:04:05Kaimo KOutcast
01:08:01AstroFegsForever in My Heart
01:12:38Steve DekayBellatrix
01:16:34Twisted DesignFlicker of Light
01:27:03RAM, Susana, Tales of LifeYou Are Enough (Horisone Remix)
01:31:37Ben Gold, Benjamin DuchenneTake Me Away
01:35:56Ben Nicky, Distorted DreamsWe Come 1
01:38:21John Askew, Shelby MerryWhen Darkness Comes
01:44:46KarneyBreathing Space
01:49:10James Dymond, Stive GroveBirds of a Feather
01:54:44Jason Nawty, NG RezonanceMadame
01:59:02BiXX, Daisy LouAfter Dark
02:07:51Gareth Emery, OmniaUnity
02:11:22SystembreakerTotally Lost It
02:15:44Robert NicksonDelyo’s Voyage
02:20:38Metta & GlydeMeant to Be
02:25:26Mark SherryTotal Eclipse (David Forbes Remix)
02:30:11Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
02:34:13Will ReesWaking Dream
02:39:22Above & Beyond, Mat ZoAlways Do
02:42:56Craig Connelly, NumaHeaded for the Sun
02:47:48Jody 6, Rene AblazeUnexpected Pleasure
02:52:28KarneyThe Autopilot
02:56:38Maarten de JongMagnum Opus
03:00:55SneijderBring the Noize
03:04:51Chapter & PageRevelation (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
03:09:51Cari, Roman MesserSilence
03:15:25Jantine, MaRLoFor You (Elucidus Remix)
03:24:04John O’Callaghan, Kathryn GallagherMess of a Machine (Billy Gillies Remix)
03:29:38Allen Watts, Yoshi & RaznerBohemia
03:34:17Will AtkinsonStimulation
03:39:58Ben Gold, PlumbSame Sky Same Stars

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