Lunch Trance – 2023-03-08 – Top of the Week

What a nice, relaxing show with a bunch of new tracks by the likes of Kenny Palmer, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Hiromori Aso, Hel:sløwed & Ava Silver—wait a minute.

I don’t remember playing that one.

What is going on here?! (Image by Pixabay)

Turns out, I didn’t play it!

Story time: I keep my MP3s organized and neatly labeled; artist, track, and remix name all go into the file name. And while the colon (and the ø) of “Hel:sløwed” is a perfectly valid character for file names on macOS, it seems to have gotten lost on its way to the other macOS machine which is responsible for getting music onto the DJ console. Good ol’ rsync is used for that and it doesn’t seem to like the colon too much… and it turns it—seriously, of all the goddamn characters it could it into—a fucking slash! 😠 Which, to be fair, is also a valid character for files on macOS so why is this an issue? Because the Denon DJ software finally is the one who cannot handle it and the file has simply been missing, leading to me not being able to play it. 😢

(Correction: rsync didn’t actually change anything, the file was still there, with a colon right in it. However, as you can read here, macOS at some point used the colon as a path separator and there are layers in macOS that change a colon to a slash, and there are other layers that change slashes to colons! Compatibility shit is really weird. Anyway, the final point of the analysis is still correct: the Denon software couldn’t handle the file and ignored it.)

I’ll make it up to you next time!

The next show will happen on Wednesday, March 15, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Cosmic Gate, Nathan NicholsonJust the Beginning
00:05:42Sied van RielRush (Miss Monique Remix)
00:10:35Emma Hewitt, Ørjan NilsenWarrior
00:15:13David BroadersEvenfall (DJ Version)
00:18:57Armin van Buuren, Matoma, Teddy SwimsEasy to Love (Armin van Buuren Club Mix)
00:22:35ElevvenThe Distance
00:25:49Ivan MatelunaStronger Together
00:29:40Tenth PlanetGhosts (Boxer & Amy Wiles Mix)
00:34:48Kamaya PaintersSummerbreeze (Matt Fax In Search of Sunrise Remix)
00:43:34Kriess GuyteIn the Place
00:47:42Tillman UhrmacherOn the Run (Talla 2XLC Remix)
00:52:31Jodie Poye, Lisa LouderSafe Place (Craig Connelly Remix)
00:57:06Christina Novelli, Richard DurandFall through the Earth
01:02:13Alexander Popov, Paul OakenfoldAngel (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
01:07:13TrymBeyond Light
01:10:54Kenny PalmerStormwind
01:15:26Aki Harunari, Last SoldierPunch
01:20:28Peter Steele, Sonic ElementShadows
01:25:29Hiromori AsoUpdraft
01:29:51Proyal, Steve DekaySoundscape
01:33:48SneijderIn and out of My Life
01:37:12Giuseppe OttavianiConscious Mind
01:41:14Roman MesserNeed to Feel Loved
01:45:26John O’Callaghan, JosieOut of Nowhere (Connor Woodford Remix)
01:50:03Miikka LDreamcatcher
01:55:22The Noble SixAstral Projection
02:00:17Andrea MontorsiSpecial
02:03:54Casey RaschThe Witching Hour

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