Lunch Trance – 2023-07-12 – Newsflash

Alright, second week with the new setup (under conditions of having to work) and today everything was very relaxed, and I had plenty of time to spare. So I’m not sure why exactly I forgot to connect the most important thing: the console’s master output! 😅🤦

This week’s show was heavily overshadowed by Nhato’s “Colour Trance EP” which gave us four (4!) tracks, and they are all great! So… I guess the only possibility is to pick the whole EP as Favourite of the Week? No, that’s weak sauce! I will choose one!

There you have it. From the four tracks, this was my favourite but don’t be fooled by this, every single one of those is a banger. I guess you have to hear for yourself, not only for the great Nhato tracks but also for all the other good tracks!

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Gareth Emery, Sarah de WarrenVertigo
00:04:38Raffi SaintMissing (Cedric Gervais Version)
00:08:12Boom Jinx, Einar K, Nitrous Oxide, Vintage & MorelliBreathing (David Broaders Remix)
00:12:30Ørjan NilsenAmnesia
00:16:48Craig Connelly, HALIENEOther Side of the World
00:23:16N-sKingStarted a Fire
00:28:18Richard LoweStrange Times
00:33:20InoblivionSilver Was the Sky
00:39:07Indecent Noise, onTuneTransmission Control
00:44:05BTGodspeed (Maria Healy Remix)
00:54:11Richard DurandSolar Express
00:58:00Metta & Glyde, Susanne TeutenbergThe Universe You Need
01:04:100GravityWithout You
01:08:45BiXX, Roxanne EmerySound of the Alarm (Club Mix)
01:20:34MiditekkSlow the World Down
01:34:47Faith MarkNever Ending Story
01:45:21Simon PattersonUp
01:50:23Amelie LensRadiance
01:55:24Cave, Paul ClarkCarnival

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