Lunch Trance – 2023-09-20 – Newsflash

Oh boy, rarely have I been so excited to play a show as I have been this week, after having finished the excruciating work on my overlay tool in order to bring you a new feature: cover art! 🥳

I used to type artist and title information by hand but now that cover art URLs have joined the fray, that is growing to be quite impractical; those URLs are long and unwieldy. I created a “crate” section in my admin interface where I could import all the records I plan to play (e.g. a JSON snippet generated by my chart generation tool) which would then allow me with the push of a button to transfer the data over to the text fields that are used to send the data to the backend, updating the overlay. I have to report that this worked flawlessly and without a single issue, except for my muscle memory… you see, I had to change the layout a bit to make it fit on the screen I’m using while playing and now everything is in the wrong location… 😄

However, absolutely in the right location was mayor — after his raid! Thank you very much, mate, and it was a pity that we didn’t get to meet in Bremen at Nordlicht!

So, let’s see what I have picked as Favourite of the Week tonight… last week’s Favourite was still a banger this week and we have a couple of new tracks entering the race! There was “Beachbreeze (Remember the Summer)” by Jan Johnston, Svenson & Gielen, remixed by David Forbes, and a new track by 0Gravity and Lucas Deyong named “Kamehameha,” and then there was “A Moment of Melancholy” by HIGHLANDR and remixed by Cold Blue, and there was Emma Hewitt’s and Roman Messer’s “Fallen” which I still like very much, and you can already see this isn’t easy, and then there was also “Rapture” by Asteroid (which I already mentioned last week), but I think this week’s Favourite of the Week absolutely has to be this track by Hel:sløwed and Amber Revival: “If You Only Knew.”

Luckily I pressed the 🔴 button about 10 seconds before the show started so you can now enjoy the show again right here. And be sure to make it last because there won’t be a show next week (as I will be on vacation) but maybe I’ll squeeze in an extra show when I’m back because there’s a national holiday coming up on October 3rd. Let’s see!

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Amber Revival, Hel:sløwedIf You Only Knew
00:06:30Ørjan Nilsen9910
00:10:18Chicane, Moya BrennanSaltwater (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
00:15:15Rose RingedReconciliation
00:18:53Christina Novelli, Sarah De WarrenLeaving Me
00:27:40Jurgen VriesThe Opera Song (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
00:31:26DuskyFree Your Mind
00:34:38Lustral, The Space BrothersEverytime (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
00:38:04Anne Gudrun, Armin van BuurenLove Is A Drug
00:48:27Exolight, Mhammed El AlamiVelvet Skies (Transaphonic Remix)
00:52:51John O’CallaghanRiverside
00:57:25Iain MValhalla Rising
01:01:27Cape TownTears of Jupiter
01:07:21Jan Johnston, Svenson & GielenBeachbreeze (Remember the Summer) (David Forbes Remix)
01:11:04System FDance Valley Theme 2001 (Disk Space Remix)
01:14:080Gravity, Lucas DeyongKamehameha
01:18:16Alex M.O.R.P.H., Aly & Fila, Cheryl BarnesEye Of The Storm
01:23:59Cris Grey, ParnassvsThe Cube
01:28:23Armin van BuurenLose This Feeling
01:31:23Bigtopo, Tonideck, Zara TaylorForgiven
01:38:08HIGHLANDRA Moment of Melancholy (Cold Blue Remix)
01:44:03Roger Shah, YelowCampos Eliseos
01:49:27Daxson, Sue McLarenIn the Darkness
01:54:29Gid Sedgwick, Talla 2XLCForever Young
01:59:43Ferry Corsten, Giuseppe OttavianiMagenta (Fisherman Remix)
02:02:55Calvin Harris, Sam SmithDesire (Alok Remix)
02:05:56AvaxxSet Me Free
02:08:39Neev Kennedy, Stoneface & TerminalLost (Ciaran McAuley Mix)
02:13:00Emma Hewitt, Roman MesserFallen

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