Lunch Trance – 2024-02-28 – Newsflash

Wow, I totally forget to publish last week’s post, and I also managed to not see any comments about that on the CQAH Discord! 🙈

Drax, pointing at me, yelling “you must be so embarrassed!”
Oh, I am, Drax, believe me…

Okay, let’s focus on some good things, e.g. all the new good tracks I played tonight! A selection of those is:

  • “Losing Control” by Jody 6
  • Ashley Wallbridge and John Grand, “Echoes”
  • Aly & Fila and Lostly, “The Unknown”
  • “Moonlight” by Alex M.O.R.P.H., Marjan, and Woody van Eyden
  • “Skyfall” by Kinetica
  • “Remember the Future” by Christian Cambas

As Favourite of the Week™ I picked this beauty: the Rina Mirai Tech remix of Rinaly’s “Astrology.”

I managed to start the stream one minute late but you can listen to it right now, without any delay. Isn’t technology wonderful? ☺️

The next show will be on Wednesday, March 6, at 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Andy Moor, Ashley Tomberlin, Boom Jinx, Noise ZooPinpricks of Life
00:05:29Above & Beyond, Zoë JohnstonCrazy Love
00:08:53FariusStill Feel
00:12:35Ashley Wallbridge, John GrandEchoes
00:17:01Darren Tate, Julie Scott, SolarstoneA Long Way From Home (Timeless Mix)
00:22:28RRAW!, Talla 2xlcBlack Hole
00:26:10RinalyAstrology (Rina Mirai Tech Mix)
00:29:49Alex WrightIsthmus
00:34:27Alex M.O.R.P.H., Marjan, Woody Van EydenMoonlight
00:39:31TH3 ONEThe Calm After The Storm
00:44:48DJ JordanHard Trance Experience (Roger Lavelle Remix)
00:48:34DJ Quicksilver, Talla 2XLCDurango (Talla 2XLC Mix)
00:52:04Jody 6Losing Control
00:56:38Christian CambasRemember The Future
01:01:26Connor Woodford, Robbie GrahamImmersion
01:15:54David Forbes, Mark SherryPut The Record On
01:19:36Ash WoollacottChange of Plan
01:24:10Steve DekayMistica
01:27:23Maria Nayler, StargazersMy One Foundation
01:31:55Cenk BasaranThe Pain
01:36:55Allen WattsViolator
01:40:55Jake AyresVoices From Beyond
01:49:54Asteroid, Pharos TAcross the Sky
01:54:18Aly & Fila, LostlyThe Unknown
01:58:26Sam LaxtonWonderland
02:02:13Alan Morris, Martin DrakeOutrage
02:06:24B-VoiceEternity (Claas Inc. Remix)
02:10:14Artena, Ren FayeThe Light I See Now
02:15:19Trance WaxDistance (Coast 2 Coast Remix)

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