Lunch Trance – 2024-07-03 – Newsflash

Today uploading the show onto the player only required two tries. Almost acceptable!

What may end up as “maybe not quite acceptable” is the number of tracks that I have added this year, and that have 4 or more stars. We have just entered the second half of the year, and I am already at 108 tracks that I would need to play at this year’s End of the Year mix. If the release rate stays that way (and on average it should) I’m looking at 200 tracks that I need to play. Two bloody fucking hundred! At five minutes a track that would be over 16 hours! I’m gonna die… 😵

For this week I’m only going to point to the Favourite of the Week™: Woody van Eyden’s remix of “Balearic Desire” by Sunstar.

You definitely should listen to the rest of the show as well, though!

The next show will be on Wednesday, July 10, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show from the player above, and this is the playlist:

00:00:0022Bullets, Couché, Ferry CorstenBelong To You
00:03:57Jerome Isma-AeHold That Sucker Down (Hel:sløwed Remix)
00:07:25Luke BondRebirth
00:11:09Ilan BluestoneEchoes Of Courage
00:14:18DIM3NSION, MirageLenda
00:19:55Andrew MellerBorn Slippy (Luca Morris Remix)
00:24:13Matt FaxFrost
00:28:08Enigma State, Sean TyasLately
00:32:55Ciaran McAuley, Dream A LotThink Twice
00:36:19Andrew RayelThe Abyss
00:39:47Craig Connelly, James Cottle, Liel KoletBe As One
00:45:13Betsy, Billy GilliesFair
00:48:30Nikolauss, Paul DentonAcid Rave
00:52:17SunstarBalearic Desire (Woody van Eyden Remix)
00:56:13Talla 2XLC, Zyrus 71998
01:00:46Asteroid, Daniel SkyverForgiven
01:04:54Aly & Fila, Richard DurandNebula
01:09:43BBEFlash (Club Mix)
01:15:25Mark SherryWhat Happens Next
01:20:14Thomas SchumacherFinal Fantasy
01:25:35Alex Holmes, John O’CallaghanDevotion
01:30:36Trance WaxAscend (Sneijder Remix)
01:34:57Armin van Buuren, Leony, VizeCity Lights
01:37:41Jens LissatThe Lord
01:40:56Casey RaschAll For Us
01:45:32Marcel WoodsLemon Tree (South Of The Stars Remix)
01:49:43BKDance With Me
01:54:04Stoneface & TerminalAutobahn
01:58:07Jennifer Rene, Roman MesserAlone
02:02:30Alex Kunnari, Bo BruceWorld On Fire (AK Statement Remix)
02:06:55Will ReesA New Life
02:13:04Audorn, Sarah De WarrenInto the Night

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