Lunch Trance – 2021-11-20 – Top of the Month

I did it! I managed to play all 100 tracks of April’s charts without dying! 🎉

I had a lovely manual raid by @LSOinferno (apparently sent to me by @swearyprincess 🥰), and later on @liquid_bongo dropped off his listeners at me. Thank you both very much!

The next show is going to be another weekly charts show on Wednesday, November 24, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1. On next Saturday there is not going to be a show because I’ll be out of town, visiting family.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Ferry Corsten, Ruben de RondeBloodstream
00:05:36HydraAmber (Hydra’s Altered State Mix)
00:11:16Ahmed Helmy, Hanna FinsenSaga
00:14:42Nourey, OLANIn Motion
00:18:43Alexander Popov, Brandon Mignacca, NovanBrighter
00:21:12Luke Bond, Paul AidenAs One
00:24:53Cubicore, K.I.R.A.You
00:28:50Andy MoorSafe On Both Sides
00:33:57Armin van Buuren, RBVLNWeight of the World (Club Mix)
00:36:42Kyau & AlbertOutside 21
00:40:26Aly & Fila, PlumbSomebody Loves You (Paul Thomas Remix)
00:45:42Cosmic Gate, Diana MiroBlame
00:48:58Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
00:53:16Sunny LaxStardust
00:57:15ProtocultureRed Point
01:02:05Binary Finary1998 (Jose De Mara Remix)
01:08:44Alex Sonata & TheRioTime
01:12:25Factor B, HIGHLANDRI Want You (12” Remix)
01:17:36Giuseppe De Luca, Ilan BluestoneStardust & Madness
01:21:34Feel, PapulinMagic
01:25:15Ramsey WestwoodFuriosa
01:28:40Andrew RayelMy Harmony (FYH 250 Anthem)
01:33:41FishermanApache 2.0
01:37:19AVAO, M6Elemental
01:40:09Vast VisionAnomaly
01:45:05Armin van Buuren, Maor LeviDivino
01:48:46Alex di StefanoQuadra
01:53:38Robert NicksonSundown
01:59:53Darren O’Brien, That GirlDancing in the Rain
02:05:14Liam Wilson, Paul TroubridgeThe Fortress
02:13:31Nord HorizonNew Era
02:17:57Kinetica, StorytellerBel Canto
02:22:25Noire Lee, SomnaBeside You (Sean Tyas Magikal Remix)
02:28:47HALIENE, Markus SchulzTidal Wave (Will Atkinson Remix)
02:33:27Adam Taylor, James Kitcher, Jan JohnstonPerfect Picture
02:38:22Armin van Buuren, Giuseppe OttavianiMagico
02:43:09MadwaveDreaming of a Better World
02:48:32XpectraWalk On Water (NyTiGen & Ruslan Borisov Remix)
02:51:59Corrado Baggieri, XiJaro & PitchOde to the Fallen
02:56:30Kenny PalmerOver to You
03:00:50Clara Yates, Kinetica, Pablo ArtigasWild & Free (Kinetica Remix)
03:05:57Bryan Kearney, PlumbAll Over Again (Karney Dark Dub Mix)
03:10:28C-Systems, Hanna FinsenDancing Skies (Steve Dekay Remix)
03:14:04James DymondHigh Rise
03:19:10MidwayAmazon (Allen Watts Remix)
03:22:58John O’Callaghan, NikolaussBláithín
03:27:11Richard DurandTree of Life
03:33:08Matt BukovskiSurvival
03:36:07Peetu SAfterlife
03:40:50Rene Ablaze, Sarah de WarrenThe One
03:45:08Nadi SunriseBetween You and Me
03:49:39IlluminorHorizon (Factor B Remix)
03:55:06Giuseppe De Luca, Ilan BluestoneLook At Me Now
03:58:12InversedLost Earth
04:06:11Ralphie BCayende
04:10:31DRYMCentury One
04:18:40Manon Polare, Steve AllenAnother Song
04:22:35Kenny PalmerShattered Sun
04:26:46Ellen Smith, Ilan BluestoneStranger to Your Love (Stoneblue Mix)
04:31:02Dennis Sheperd, SunloungerI Can Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
04:35:15Alex M.O.R.P.H.Phoenix Flying
04:38:56Kate Louise Smith, Raz NitzanThis Time (Last Soldier Remix)
04:43:40Db Mokk, Manuel Le SauxZero
04:47:17Ferry TayleAwaken Joy
04:51:29Chris Schweizer, Paul DentonHammer Time
04:55:46Moonsouls, UltimateThe Guided Fate
05:00:32Amos & Riot Night, Matt NolandLomond
05:05:06DiscordiaMidnight Skyline
05:08:29DoppenbergTwice As Far
05:12:48David Rust, Olly James303
05:15:48Gary McPhailAbove the Clouds
05:20:07Allen Watts, Talla 2XLCSuburbia
05:24:36FunabashiBack to the Future (Daniel Kandi's Classic Mix)
05:29:16Adam DixonTomorrow
05:33:46Allen Watts, Ben GoldChange the World
05:38:06Alan MorrisSpirit
05:42:30Billy GilliesStarlab
05:47:07Temple OneOcean Paradise (Kiyoi & Eki Remix)
05:51:19Christina Novelli, Richard DurandSave You (Cold Blue Remix)
05:56:19Niall McKeeverVoyager
06:00:33MaRLo, QuenceDreams 2021
06:03:01Iain MErebos
06:06:57Clay CMindset
06:10:40Niko ZografosLast Storm
06:15:19Coast 2 Coast, DiscoveryHome (Maarten de Jong Remix)
06:19:40Lange, Sarah HowellsOut of the Sky (Chris Schweizer Remix)
06:23:47Craig Connelly, Megan McDuffeeKeep Me Believing
06:29:01Talla 2XLCInto the Wormhole
06:33:26John AskewNiceto
06:37:38Sam LaxtonRocha
06:42:16Rene Ablaze, Roger ShahTwisted World
06:46:05Above & BeyondSun in Your Eyes (Daniel Kandi Mix)
06:51:07Omar SherifA Brighter Future
06:56:21Meredith Bull, Re:Locate, Simon AnthonyLost Myself in You (Katrin’s World Mix)
07:01:20Hanna Finsen, Last Soldier, Vahid GhandizadehFind Myself
07:05:01David Forbes, SneijderAccelerate

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