Lunch Trance – 2021-11-24 – Top of the Week

I’m slowly starting to get back into the rhythm and I’m quite happy about that.

It’s been a couple of weeks now and so far nobody wanted to redeem the “Unboxing” reward thingy on Twitch. I’m thinking nobody has actually noticed it yet because how you could not want to redeem that? It’s going to be so awesome!

You can download the show from the player above, and this is the playlist:

00:03:52Ahmed HelmyLost in a State
00:07:36Jeff Ozmits, Tanner WilfongSensory Deprivation
00:10:35AlatheiaRising Sign
00:14:14Factor B, John O’CallaghanThe Oath (Club Mix)
00:20:17Richard Durand, SusanaI Matter to You
00:24:09David ForbesIsolate
00:29:14Rated RDrift
00:33:41HALIENEGlass Heart (Craig Connelly Remix)
00:38:10UltraFree (Talla 2XLC & Para X Mix)
00:42:30DJ VirusAll Your Bass (Ian Betts Remix)
00:47:18Emme, TritonalOut of the Dark (Fatum Remix)
00:50:10Paul DentonStomp
00:53:54AngelusKeeps Me High
00:57:56Julie Thompson, Super8 & TabMy Enemy (gardenstate Mix)
01:02:29Paul DentonBlinded by the Lights
01:10:41Alex Wright, Amos & Riot NightApparition
01:16:16Darren PorterRemember the Lights
01:20:52Peetu SThe Man from Earth
01:24:52BiXX, Dmitriy KuznetsovWhen There’s Hope
01:30:20Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
01:34:21Above & Beyond, Justine SuissaAlmost Host (Above & Beyond Deep Mix)
01:38:03David Forbes, Paul DentonOut of Order (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
01:43:05Ahmed RomelMeet Us Where the Night Ends
01:48:11Bond, Kazi JayOur Anthem
01:52:21Steve Dekay, Talla 2XLCSpacedust
01:55:52A.R.D.I.Speak My Mind
01:59:41Alexandra Badoi, Andrew Mirt, FeelOur Love
02:03:07Steve AllenOphiuchus
02:06:49Darren Tate, Jono GrantLet the Light Shine in (Brian Cross & Abel Ramos Remix)
02:10:34Allen WattsVisions
02:14:31Asteroid, Paul SkeltonAhimsa
02:18:55M.I.K.E. PushWe Made It
02:23:39Liam Melly, Marc RigneyExit
02:28:11James Dymond, James R K FreemanOpus 1
02:31:49Paul DentonWatching the Waves
02:41:09Legend BLost in Love (Madwave Mix)
02:45:21Ralphie BBriseis
02:50:16XiJaro & PitchParty on
02:54:55Chris GiulianoOff the Wall
02:58:12Gid Sedgwick, NorniFerris Wheel (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
03:01:45Factor BSea of Thoughts (Club Mix)
03:07:44David ForbesSail
03:12:05Roman Messer, Simon O’ShineEuphoria
03:15:37Audrey Gallagher, Ciaran McAuleyIf This Is How It Ends
03:20:12Billy GilliesDensity
03:24:29Simon Patterson, Will AtkinsonGolden Hour
03:29:19Ben Nicky, Distorted DreamsWe Come 1

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