Lunch Trance – 2022-05-25 – Top of the Week

I rewrote my chart generator tool and the code is now leaner, better to understand, and faster than before.

Great Success! - Borat - quickmeme
Borat agrees: Great success!

It also generates charts that are identical to last week’s charts… which left me puzzling for a bit until I realized what’s wrong and that the previous version of the code probably didn’t have an actual error. The three missing tracks were caused by a change in the algorithm, yes; however, the tool only ever uses a single algorithm for all charts it calculates, including the ones it uses to determine whether a track is a new entry. And because I have changed that algorithm before last week’s show, it didn’t tell me about the missing tracks because according to the new algorithm those tracks were already part of the week before!

Okay, mystery solved, code better than before, I guess that is a great success! 😄

I initially started messing around with the code because I wanted to know how Tinlicker is still in the charts and basically the answer is “because the track never really drops below place 31.” Well, if you’re consistently in the top third of a daily Top 100 you have kind of earned the right to be in a weekly Top 50. 🙂

Because there is a bank holiday tomorrow I have taken Friday off, and I will be playing a Top of the Month show! It will start at the usual time of 🕚 11:00 UTC+2/CEST to accompany you during lunch and maybe the last hours of your work week (in case you didn’t take the Friday off or don’t actually have this holiday).

The next Top of the Week show will then be on next Wednesday, June 1st, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00JES, TyDiJust Believe (Darude Remix)
00:04:43Allen Watts, Yoshi & RaznerBohemia
00:09:09Alan SharkeyOccult
00:13:05Ben Gold, PlumbSame Sky Same Stars
00:19:21Damian Wasse, V.E.L.E.Bring the World Together
00:23:45Davey AspreyRevolution
00:28:15Daniel SkyverSteam
00:32:41Sean TrubyEarly Bird
00:36:51Neev Kennedy, StargazersI Remember You (Last Soldier Remix)
00:40:58Avao, Maikki, MaRLoBreak Through the Ground
00:44:50Kriess GuyteThe Volume
00:49:28Ben Gold, Yasmin JaneSearching (For a Kinder Love)
00:54:21Dustin HusainSwitch Up
00:58:34Purple HazeHorizons
01:01:54Kenny PalmerWild Gods
01:06:30Above & Beyond, anamē, Marty LongstaffGratitude
01:12:13SymmetrikBurnin Inside
01:16:13Alan Morris, Katty HeathCaptive of Your Heart
01:20:42Dan StoneI Need You
01:25:20Christina Novelli, Talla 2XLCI’ve Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Remix)
01:28:49MidwayCobra (Talla 2XLC Remix)
01:33:43Fatum, LYCASomething New
01:37:14SystembreakerKontrol U
01:41:06EssenceThe Promise (Craig Connelly Remix)
01:45:31Daxson7th Dimension
01:51:00Roman Messer, Romy WaveLeave You Now (Allen Watts Remix)
01:55:27Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
01:59:31Darren PorterTimelapse
02:04:22Robbie Seed, Yoli RoseTwisted Hearts
02:08:06David ForbesTake Me Up
02:12:33Oliver SmithSnowfall
02:16:16Mark SherryTotal Eclipse (David Forbes Remix)
02:20:58KineticaStar Slide
02:26:17Cara Melín, Ferry Corsten, Morgan PageWounded (Kristian Nairn Remix)
02:30:18RAM, SilvelaTequila Sunsets
02:35:24Activa, SlipstreamCassini
02:40:58Temple OneMagic Moment
02:44:56Moussa Clark, TerrafunkaShe Wants Him (Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)
02:54:26Deirdre McLaughlin, Maria HealyBelieve in You
02:59:32Greg Oakland, ShugzEqualizer
03:04:29Alex M.O.R.P.H.Calling Berlin
03:09:07Alex Di StefanoBlack Flag
03:13:49Rub!kOrbit 37
03:17:097 SkiesSushi (Elevven Remix)
03:20:56Craig Connelly, Paul DentonQuantum Eraser
03:26:01Ciaran McAuley, Clara YatesAnything
03:29:17Ben GoldRest of Our Lives
03:35:18Aly & Fila, Greg DowneyTake Flight
03:41:34Bryan Kearney, Out of the Dust, PlumbTake This

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