Lunch Trance – 2022-05-18 – Top of the Week

This week was a wild ride. First one of the best tracks of the last weeks was suddenly at #45 or something like that (Plumb’s “Same Sky Same Stars,” if you must know) and then I discovered that I was missing not one, not two, but three tracks! Tracks that my tool should have told me to download but didn’t. And the charts themselves are looking rather weird again so I probably broke something when I added some functionality that lets me evaluate a track’s movement through the charts over time. So I guess I need to spend more time debugging that mess!

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, May 25th, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

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Lunch Trance – 2022-05-11 – Top of the Week

Okay, the second week with the new algorithm behaves a bit like I predicted, there were only six new entries. I’m very interested to see what amount of new tracks per week it will stabilize on and also if reducing the number of new entries makes the show less interesting because most of the tracks are already known? I have no idea, I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

In more important news, The New Cat™ is slowly, very slowly warming up to us three. Most of the time he still starts to run off as soon as there’s hectic movement but being allowed to pet him for a second or three is starting to look like a possibility! He’s also still quite wary of our other cat but at least during food time the proximity between the two can be reduced to almost zero… at least as long as they’re eating and nobody tries to eat the other one’s food. 😁

Also, Tinlicker dropped down to #46! Is that the lowest position that song ever had in these charts? Quite possible!

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, May 18th, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

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Lunch Trance – 2022-05-04 – Top of the Week

Last night, when I was preparing the tracks for today’s show, I noticed that apparently I was generating the weekly charts from the charts of a single day… which does give you a kind of nice snapshot but was somehow not what I intended it to be! So I fixed the bug in the software that I have written especially to generate these charts and believe with absolute certainty that my code is now 100% bug-free. Guaranteed!

I do wonder how this is going to influence the charts in the future… my current assumption is that there will be less movement because actually calculating the charts over seven days instead of one acts like a lowpass filter and thus should smooth out any hectic motion. Normally we do have around 20 new entries, and the generated list for today gave me 15 new entries which is a bit more than I would expect. But we will totally have to wait and see how this all plays out. I’m looking forward to next week already!

Also, Tinlicker is still in, nothing changed about that. 😄

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, May 11th, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. I might play a Top of the Month show this weekend, stay tuned for more info!

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Lunch Trance – 2022-04-27 – Top of the Week

The cats are still in the process of getting used to one another, a process that we think might easily last months. Monty has gotten a bit more relaxed but still doesn’t like being approached by anybody. Feeding both cats almost next to each other is less of a problem now, only every now and then there’s a bit of hissing but mostly it has been peaceful over the last week.

I also played some music, can you believe it? Tinlicker’s oldest track is still on a yoyo course through the charts, bouncing back up to #17 from last week’s #29 while Tinlicker’s newest track (I think it was played last week?) hasn’t managed to make a reappearance this week. Let’s see what the future holds!

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, May 4th, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

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Lunch Trance – 2022-04-20 – Top of the Week

And just like that we’re back to a regular number of new entries, or maybe even a little less… I don’t even know and at this moment I can’t be assed to actually check some statistics… so, I’m simply gonna claim that the 17 new entries we had is totally an average amount. Who’s gonna prove me wrong? You? I didn’t think so. 😀

In cat-related news: the new cat (dubbed “Monty”) has been given a territory in the living room and my study. So far he’s quite shy, he’s hissing if you get too close but he doesn’t seem to be overly frightened. He’s spending quite some time in a plush cave thingy we put up on the window sill, and he has a scratching post/wall-mounted bed combo that he also likes quite a lot, looking down on us, like cats usually do. Most encounters with our old cat were, let’s say, non-negative, and except for one occurence tonight where both got a little louder they mostly just stare at each other when they’re both near the wire-mesh gate that we use to separate them.

It will stay exciting and I’m looking forward to spending more time with both cats!

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, April 27th, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

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End of the Hiatus

Huh, I never really talked on this blog about what happened and why I stopped doing shows… I guess I should really do that, and probably should have done that back in February already. Shame on me!

So, what happened? Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances (macOS upgrades, firmware upgrades, more upgrades, other upgrades) the SSD in my DJ MacBook died. The original SSD was way too small to contain all the music I had collected over the decades so restoring from backup wasn’t happening. Getting a replacement SSD for that particular MacBook was out of the question as well because the SSDs in those MacBooks are not standard SSDs. My other MacBook also didn’t have enough storage so it couldn’t be of any help, either. Sheeit.

After restoring basic functionality by putting in the original SSD I was able to put enough music on it to play the show in March. At the time I had already decided that I wanted to get the Denon DJ Prime 4 🤩 but held off on the purchase due to my then-suboptimal financial circumstances, what with being unemployed and all.

The weeks went by, turned to months, I found a new job, and at the end of August I felt financially secure enough to pull the trigger on the Prime 4. It was supposed to be delivered within 2–5 days which turned into 8 weeks at some point and then went down again and up and it was just like a rollercoaster, only I got sadder riding it every day. 😢

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end and so, last week I finally could hold it in my hands and it is huge, it is beautiful, and the outer of the three boxes it came in immediately drew blood🩸. According to my magic 🧙 studies this means it will last forever?

Anyway, I recently checked the software side of the whole situation, i.e. the streaming side, and I only had to reinstall one driver and recreate one configuration, all the rest still seems to be working! Of course, not using Traktor anymore means that I will for now lose the ability to show track titles on the stream automatically but that only means that I will have to enter them manually, like in ancient times. I am working on a solution for that, though: the Denon players expose a lot of information about what the DJ is doing but of course it is using a proprietary protocol named StagelinQ which will require a lot of digging and trial-and-error to figure out. The future might be bright!

In order to get back on track (because I really, really like doing the weekly chart shows) I think I will start slowly, doing maybe one show every weekend. The first shows I will be doing will be Top of the Month shows (starting with February 2021) so you can catch up with all the great tracks released in the last ten months and once we are all caught up (which might be in next February, I guess) I will switch to doing my weekly chart shows again.

Or maybe I’ll do both a show during the week and one on the weekend? I am not sure yet… it may very well be that once I start doing shows again I won’t settle for anything less than ALL THE SHOWS EVERY DAY but I have picked up a couple of other regular appointments during the week which I do not want to give up at this time. 🙂

Anyway. This saturday, November 6, 2021, starting at 11:00 CET/UTC+1 (for old times’ sake) I will be streaming the charts from February 2021, in the same place where it always happened, on my channel on Twitch. I expect you all to be there! 🥳🎉

Lunch Trance – 2020-11-02 – Top of the Week – CANCELED

Due to unforeseen circumstances involving Windows today’s stream had to be canceled. The video encoder in the GPU could not be persuaded to render more than 2 frames per second which you of course only notice once you actually start the stream. I’m sorry that an announcement went out but there wasn’t any stream.

The Top of the Week show will be broadcast on wednesday, if I can get the machine ready until then.

Frohe Kunde!

Mit Riesenschritten naht erneut die CeBIT, und selbstverständlich lässt sich Viprinet erneut nicht nehmen, Besucher und geladene Gäste am vorletzten Tag der CeBIT (dieses Mal ein Donnerstag!) nach alle Regeln der Kunst (und Strich und Faden) zu verwöhnen. Mit von der Party ist dieses Jahr Kollege Nico Erfurth, seines Zeichens selbst Viprinet-Mitarbeiter. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt!

Für alle, die den verkorksten und abgebrochenen Versuch eines Sets auf der letztjährigen tUM mitbekommen haben: Fürchtet euch nicht, ein Softwareupdate hat anscheinend sämtliche Probleme behoben, und mein Rechner und das S4 werden euch zu Diensten sein!

Neue Hardware (und neues Headerbild!)

Ich habe beschlossen, meine Gerätesammlung ein wenig zu erweitern. Und wie der Zufall so wollte, kam mir dabei ein KONTROL S4 über den Weg. Tja, und das steht jetzt hier neben mir (und ist oben im Header zu sehen) und bereitet mir sehr viel Freude! Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt, was ich mit den neuen Möglichkeiten, die mir das S4 bietet, so anfangen werde!

2012 ist im Anmarsch!

Und ein weiterer Termin steht fest, an welchem sich der Tanzwart auf die Finger gucken lässt! Kommt dazu einfach an Silvester in die Markthalle nach Hamburg, denn dort findet wieder die alljährliche Novumm statt. Drei Floors bedeuten ein Maximum an Musikauswahl, und der Tanzwart wird auch sicherlich wieder etwas Feines im Gepäck haben…