Lunch Trance – 2023-11-29 – Newsflash

Due to important procrastination reasons today’s show started right at the usual time but way more hurried than usual.

Today’s show was also the last show of November, which means that this year is almost over, and once again it did go by kind of fast… but that also means that my End of the Year mix is approaching! I don’t know yet when exactly you will be able to experience it; looking at a calender, Saturday, December 30 seems like a good choice, though. Let’s see if I can make it!

First we have to go through tonight’s tracks, and once again there was a whole bunch of great tracks in today’s show… David Broaders opened the show with his solid release “Undertow,” Robert Nickson followed right up with “Soul Doubt,” and Rub!k’s “Red-Five” was cool, too! Lange & Skye brought us “Drifting Away” (remixed by Marsh), Audrey Gallagher and SMR LVE contributed “Going Home,” there was a new release by LSR/CITY (aka Gareth Emery and Annabel) named “House in the Streetlight,” Cold Blue remixed “Te Amo” by Bryan Kearney, Ana Criado and BiXX released “I Belong,” Steve Dekay had a new release as well (named “Dimorphos”), Photographer’s remix of Solarstone’s “4ever” grew on me this week, and the show was simply not possible without “Heads Will Roll” by Kym Ayres and Leigh Green, last week’s Favourite of the Week. Still a banger, and it’s gonna stay with us for a while… 😀

Alright, so, this week’s Favourite of the Week is a no-brainer, if you have been following the CQAH Discord. It is, obviously…

There was literally no other possible choice: Above & Beyond’s 2023 Progressive Remix of OceanLab’s “Satellite.” Spotify has been peddling this track to me hard for a week now, I’ve been hearing it on other people’s streams (e.g. when @liquid_bongo, @djcquence and XiJaro & Pitch played it), and it was high time that I played it as well. Well, here you go. 🙂

I will be back next week at the usual spot, Wednesday, December 6, 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

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Lunch Trance – 2023-11-22 – Newsflash

I got held up at work so the show started a bit later than usual… but hold up, am I not forgetting something? I sure am.

Because last week I also played a show but I forgot to hit the record button (again) which means that I also didn’t create post for it so now it has been three weeks without Favourites of the Week and that is basically unbearable!

When you can’t able to bear.

Okay, so… three weeks ago I wasn’t actually at home on Wednesday so two weeks ago I played another Newsflash Double, those were weeks 45 and 46 of the year (which is almost over, by the way!), so let’s see what we had in that show.

One of the tracks that I was most looking forward to play was the new Sean Tyas & David Elston remix by “All Over Again” by Plumb and Bryan Kearney, and it did not disappoint. There was also a new remix of John O’Callaghan’s and Audrey Gallagher’s “Big Sky” by Asteroid and Paul Skelton, Jodie Poye and Lee Hanlon gave us “Falling for You,” Kenny McAuley’s track “Universal Connection” was great, as was “Sanctuary” by Will Rees, there was the Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix by Ciaran McAuley’s new track “Love Wins,” and finally we also heard “Parley Pt. 2 (The Bassline Will Bring Me Home)” by Angelus which was wonderful, too!

And as that show was a Newsflash Double, I get to pick two Favourites of the Week! The first one has to be this one:

The second one, of course, is this one, and it’s not like I really have a choice in that matter. 😀

Alright, that brings us to this week’s show, which started with a very high amount of vocal trance tracks, and has actually delivered almost one banger after the other. The tracks that really stood out for me this week, are “Black Hill” by trance dinosaur Talla 2XLC, “Peripheral” by Andrew Peters, “Falling for You” by Jodie Poye and Lee Hanlon is still great, Plumb’s “All Over Again” does not need to be mentioned again 😂, Forza:Duo’s track “Detrimental” was anything but, “Losing My Mind” by Mark Sherry slapped hard, Spy and Yelow’s “The Remedy” also deserves to be mentioned here, but the Favourite of the Week is most definitely this track, a remix of “Heads Will Roll” by Kym Ayres and Leigh Green, originally by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It adds quite the kick to the original!

Because I forgot to record last week’s show, I built a little thing into one of my scenes in OBS so that every time I’m starting the show, it will automatically remind me to press the record button, and today it worked! I managed to record the show and that is why you can now listen to it again, by clicking this one simple button!

I will be back next week at the usual spot, Wednesday, November 29, 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

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Lunch Trance – 2023-11-01 – Newsflash

I installed a Windows update 30 minutes before the show, because nothing could go wrong, right? Right?

Luck was on my side tonight, I guess. No trouble from the software side, and nothing bad happening with the hardware, either!

Which means we can get right to the whole bunch of awesome tracks that we had tonight! We started with the still pretty great “Yes Man” by Ferry Corsten, then there was “Tears of the Kingdom” by Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Tishmal (I really dig that one), John O’Callaghan had a really nice new track called “Flow Through” (and flow it did!), Stoneface & Terminal’s “Got My Need” was with us once again, the new Sam Laxton track “Into Me” was also pretty good, the Alchimyst remix of Ralphie B’s “Massive” still kicks, as does the Asteroid remix of “RAMplify” (by RAM, of course), and I simply needed to play Victor Riuz’s remix of 1998 again, and Airwave’s “Tears in Rain” brought this week’s show to a very, very decent close.

If you paid any attention you will notice that I skipped one particular track… and of course that is because it is the Favourite of the Week: “Pulse” by Ashley Wallbridge and John Grand. What a banger!

And you can check for yourself if you agree with my assessments:

I might not be back next week on Wednesday because there is a thing that I have to attend, and of course it’s from Wednesday till Thursday, and it’s not at home (and I won’t be taking the equipment 😀). Maybe I’ll play a show on Tuesday, maybe I’ll play it on Thursday after getting back, or you’ll get a double feature in the following week, or, like, whenever. I guess we’ll see!

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