Lunch Trance – 2023-11-01 – Newsflash

I installed a Windows update 30 minutes before the show, because nothing could go wrong, right? Right?

Luck was on my side tonight, I guess. No trouble from the software side, and nothing bad happening with the hardware, either!

Which means we can get right to the whole bunch of awesome tracks that we had tonight! We started with the still pretty great “Yes Man” by Ferry Corsten, then there was “Tears of the Kingdom” by Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Tishmal (I really dig that one), John O’Callaghan had a really nice new track called “Flow Through” (and flow it did!), Stoneface & Terminal’s “Got My Need” was with us once again, the new Sam Laxton track “Into Me” was also pretty good, the Alchimyst remix of Ralphie B’s “Massive” still kicks, as does the Asteroid remix of “RAMplify” (by RAM, of course), and I simply needed to play Victor Riuz’s remix of 1998 again, and Airwave’s “Tears in Rain” brought this week’s show to a very, very decent close.

If you paid any attention you will notice that I skipped one particular track… and of course that is because it is the Favourite of the Week: “Pulse” by Ashley Wallbridge and John Grand. What a banger!

And you can check for yourself if you agree with my assessments:

I might not be back next week on Wednesday because there is a thing that I have to attend, and of course it’s from Wednesday till Thursday, and it’s not at home (and I won’t be taking the equipment 😀). Maybe I’ll play a show on Tuesday, maybe I’ll play it on Thursday after getting back, or you’ll get a double feature in the following week, or, like, whenever. I guess we’ll see!

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Ferry CorstenYes Man
00:06:00Cosmic GateThe Truth 2.0
00:10:01Junk Project, Talla 2XLCBlack Sky
00:14:18Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, TishmalTears of the Kingdom
00:18:50Vinny DeGeorgeMeaning of Life
00:24:47Jordan Suckley, Paul WebsterHelp (Alex M Remix)
00:28:07John O’CallaghanFlow Through
00:33:39Connor WoodfordExposure
00:37:59DJ Chucky, Tony SyntexI Wanna Tonight
00:43:42Allen WattsResonate
00:47:40Ashley Wallbridge, John GrandPulse
00:51:22Stoneface & TerminalGot My Need
00:56:47Sam LaxtonInto Me
01:00:52InertiaThe Chamber (Greg Downey Remix)
01:09:59Elara, MydeLift Me Up
01:14:08Peetu SYou Broke Me
01:18:35Cold BlueA Beautiful Mind
01:24:26Fra.Gile, Ronski Speed, SygmaU Found Me
01:28:47Alkaloid, Joran ShadeFrozen Time
01:33:46Alex M.O.R.P.H., Faith MarkMagnificent
01:46:21Ralphie BMassive (Alchimyst Remix)
01:49:57RAMRAMplify (Asteroid Remix)
01:56:13Ryan KTech – Trance, Bass & Speed
01:59:51Rae Morris, SymmetrikDance With Me
02:02:22Liam MellyEnergy
02:05:46Binary Finary1998 (Victor Ruiz Remix)
02:11:56Bryan KearneyEncanta
02:16:58AirwaveTears in Rain

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