Lunch Trance – 2023-10-25 – Newsflash

Today was a very relaxed show, no trouble from any hard- or software, and during the last part of it even The Cat™ showed up and I rigged up another camera to put it on stream. I will have to improve the setup in OBS to make that easier in the future.

So, what great tracks did we listen to today? Well, first of all, we had a very interesting track with “Yes Man” by Ferry Corsten. We had a nice remix by John Askew for CJ Bolland’s “There Can Be Only One,” Stoneface & Terminal released “Got My Need” which immediately grabbed everybody’s attention, there was a Greg Downey remix (“The Chamber” by Inertia), Peetu S declared “You Broke Me,” Synthazia’s “Lumi” kept us busy for about 10 of its 12 minutes, I liked the Alchimyst remix of Ralphie B’s “Massive” a lot, and then we finally got to what I picked for Favourite of the week: a remix of Binary Finary’s classic “1998” by none other than Victor Ruiz (who already made it to Favourite of the week three weeks ago)!

All in all, today was a very nice show that you absolutely do want to listen to again:

I’ll be back next week, November 1, at 19:00 CET/18:00 UTC+1! Please take note that summer time is ending this weekend in Germany so next week I’ll be on one hour later than usual — unless you’re also coming out of summer time this weekend. 🙂

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, TishmalTears of the Kingdom
00:04:37JardinAnother World
00:08:44Ferry CorstenYes Man
00:13:26Paul DentonSiren
00:17:49Connor WoodfordExposure
00:22:38CJ BollandThere Can Be Only One (John Askew Remix)
00:27:02Cosmic GateThe Truth 2.0
00:30:54Junk Project, Talla 2XLCBlack Sky
00:34:13Avaxx, NG Rezonance, PHDLost in the Music
00:38:07Stoneface & TerminalGot My Need
00:43:08DJ Dean, TH3 ONEWake Me Up
00:47:29Jordan SuckleyWarp Speed
00:50:16Allen Watts, DriftmoonPower of the Universe
00:55:39Steve DekayPlayed-A-Live (Rework)
00:58:39InertiaThe Chamber (Greg Downey Remix)
01:03:40Peetu SYou Broke Me
01:07:39James DymondAnantara
01:11:47Cold BlueA Beautiful Mind
01:26:32David ForbesUnderground
01:30:32BasstripperIn The City (Yves V Remix)
01:33:12High 5As Long As It Takes (Paul Skelton Remix)
01:38:50JFKGood God (Mark Sherry Remix)
01:42:34Ralphie BMassive (Alchimyst Remix)
01:46:22RAMRAMplify (Asteroid Remix)
01:51:57Andrew PetersMore Than Words
01:56:32AirwaveTears in Rain
02:03:14Bryan KearneyEncanta
02:07:49Binary Finary1998 (Victor Ruiz Remix)
02:14:26Liam MellyEnergy

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