Lunch Trance – 2023-10-18 – Newsflash

Last week my back decided to cancel the show for me, so this week there was another Double Feature! Oh, wait, that means I get to pick two Favourites of the Week! I’m lovin’ it! ❤

As usual, there was a whole bunch of great tracks in today’s show! I already loved the opener, Jardin’s “Another World,” and the second track, “Tears of the Kingdom” by Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Tishmal was also very lovely! Later on we had new tracks by David Broaders (“Pink Clouding,” remixed by Suncatcher & Exolight), Maarten de Jong (“Babylon”), Elle Mariachi and Nicholson (“Unstoppable (Winner)”), Allen Watts & Driftmoon (“Power of the Universe”), Modeā & Victor Ruiz (“Contrast”), John Askew (“Afterburner”), Andrea Ribeca (“Into the Future”), Ralphie B (“Massive,” remixed by Alchimyst), and Paul Denton (“Siren”), but there were many more great tracks and it feels kinda silly to list them all? 🤪

Alright, so, Favourite of the Week, yes. For last week, it’s gotta be this track:

And for this week I pick:

Absolute bangers all around! I’d say it’s high time for you to finally listen for yourself:

I’ll be back next week, October 25, at 19:00 CEST+2!

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00JardinAnother World
00:05:36Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, TishmalTears of the Kingdom
00:10:12Jordan Gill, Paul van DykVoltage
00:15:56David BroadersPink Clouding (Suncatcher & Exolight Remix)
00:21:08Annabel, LSR/CITYLike a Prayer
00:26:03Aaron HibellDestroyer of Worlds
00:29:33SolarstoneSovereign (Ultimate Remix)
00:34:40Maarten de JongBabylon
00:39:12Aldous, Faus, Stoneface & TerminalBurn So Bright
00:43:48Charlotte de WitteHigh Street (Amazingblaze Remix)
00:47:42Alan Morris, Sarah LynnTake Me on a Journey (Josh Ferrin Mix)
00:54:07Allen WattsSet Me Free
00:59:00Elle Mariachi, NicholsonUnstoppable (Winner)
01:03:34Multunes, Shugz, SneijderBass Keeps Pumpin’
01:07:33Metta & GlydeYearning
01:13:02Tom Colontonio7 Years
01:17:51Avaxx, NG Rezonance, PHDLost in the Music
01:22:51Jordan SuckleyWarp Speed
01:26:04Allen Watts, DriftmoonPower of the Universe
01:31:48Modeā, Victor RuizContrast
01:36:16Adam Taylor, Marcella WoodsA Million Miles
01:41:02Collide1, Frank Waanders, Ralphie BNeuroshock
01:46:25James DymondAnantara
01:51:00Steve DekayPlayed-A-Live (Rework)
01:54:27Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Rank 1, Ruben de RondeDestination (A State of Trance 2024 Anthem)
01:58:55John AskewAfterburner
02:03:59JFKGood God (Mark Sherry Remix)
02:07:55David ForbesUnderground
02:12:04BasstripperIn the City (Yves V Remix)
02:14:57High 5As Long As It Takes (Paul Skelton Remix)
02:20:57Andrea RibecaInto the Future
02:25:48Ralphie BMassive (Alchimyst Remix)
02:29:24Andrew PetersMore Than Words
02:34:24AirwaveTears in Rain
02:40:39Ciaran McAuleyOur Last Train Together (Steve Allen Remix)
02:46:07Dan StoneBRKLYN
02:50:42Maria HealyReputation
02:55:45Dan CooperEden
03:00:07Paul DentonSiren
03:04:27BiXX, Natalie GioiaBeautiful Chaos

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