Lunch Trance – 2021-01-10 – Top of the Month

So, funny thing, I did play the Top of the Month show on sunday night but something (I’m looking at you, Traktor) seems to have fucked up the recording, there’s a file missing. 😢 So, unless you were one the five persons watching the set live you will never hear it. Which is a pity because it was great.

Anyway, there will be a next Top of the Month next month and it will be using the same format, i.e. a selection of the Top 100 of January 2021 but not played as countdown to the first place but in a real mix. I’m looking forward to it!

Lunch Trance – 2021-01-08 – Top of the Month – ABORTED & DELAYED

So, there I was, two hours into playing my new Top of the Month show when my DJing machine suddenly decided to lock up which makes playing on a bit… harder than usual. I didn’t really have a choice but to abort, so with a heavy heart I did. Raiding Liquid Bongo was still possible from another machine, luckily. Thank you, Panda, for being there! 🙂

Anyway, I want to do this again but I have to check with the authorities if I can get a sunday slot, otherwise it will have to wait until next friday. Stay tuned!

Lunch Trance – 2020-12-21 – Top of the Week

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Allen WattsHigh Voltage
00:03:45Ilan Bluestone, Jan BurtonRule the World
00:07:42Mario PiuCommunication (Indecent Noise pres. Raw Tech Audio Remix)
00:11:49Jan Johnston, TycoosThe Landslide
00:15:45Deirdre McLaughlin, Iain MEternally (Sneijder Remix)
00:19:12Corin BayleyLockdown
00:26:39Armin van Buuren, Jake ReeseNeed You Now (Allen Watts Remix)
00:30:04Ahmed Helmy, Cari, Roman MesserInfinity
00:34:15SusanaDark Side of the Moon (Ferry Tayle Mix)
00:38:39DJ TenMidnight Oil
00:45:48Alan Morris, Martin DrakeCatharsis (Cinematic Mix)
00:50:46Talla 2XLCDestiny
00:55:52Aly & Fila, PlumbSomebody Loves You
01:02:06Scot ProjectO (Overdrive) (Bryan Kearney Remix)
01:06:05Derek Mark, Hassan JewelLight in You
01:12:08System FOut Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
01:15:38CrampRU116 (Cramp 2020 Mix)
01:19:53Ashley Wallbridge, CVNT5, Gareth EmeryCVNT5 of the Caribbean
01:23:19Diana Miro, ProtocultureSeconds
01:26:55ALPHA 9, MuvyFriend
01:29:07Kenny PalmerKirin Tor
01:33:11Billy GilliesExpand
01:37:21Alessandra Roncone, Yoshi & RaznerFight for Life
01:41:30Johan Gielen, Marco VTimeless
01:45:58Au5, Dylan Matthew, TritonalHappy Where We Are (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
01:49:28XiJaro & PitchMina
01:53:38Andrew Rayel, Olivia SebastianelliEverything Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)
02:03:56Sam LaxtonWaiting for the Sun
02:07:38Adam TaylorLost in Paradise
02:12:31Art of TranceMadagascar (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
02:21:21Tenth PlanetGhosts (Darren Porter Remix)
02:26:57Andrea RibecaSonance
02:31:49WhiteLightKingdom of Illusions
02:35:56ALPHA 9Time Traveller
02:39:22Giuseppe OttavianiExplorer
02:43:26David Forbes, Susie LedgeSilent Waves
02:47:38Benjamin Duchenne, VictoriyaI Don't Mind
02:51:32Maarten de JongEnergy Crash
02:55:42Kenny PalmerSen’jin
02:59:32Andrew Bayer, GenixThe Test
03:03:56HALIENE, MaRLoSay Hello (Darren Porter Remix)
03:08:38David ForbesRandomize
03:13:40Will AtkinsonRush
03:19:14ALPHA 9Stellar
03:22:53Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
03:26:40i_oCastles in the Sky

Lunch Trance – 2020-12-18 – Bombe’s Birthday Bash

I decided to celebrate my 44th birthday with a big party on Twitch and oh my, it was epic. A 10-hour show including an incredible 2-hour psytrance guest mix by RbR (give them a follow), it started later than my usual shows and went till deep in the night.

The first highlight was just ten minutes in when I was raided by DJ cquence (follow them as well), one of The Australians™ which gave me an instant push over the 50-viewers mark. Thank you for that, DJ cquence!

Things suddenly exploded when about 4 hours in Darude decided to raid me, bringing over 400 of his viewers to my channel, many of which took the opportunity to follow me, pushing me over the 500-followers mark – that means you’ll get at least an extra show at some point. 😀

RbR’s guest mix was 2 hours of fantastic psytrance and a lovely picture of a cute little doll of SagaMusix. Thank you once again for giving me the chance to eat a pizza and rest my feet a little bit before continuing, RbR! 😁

I played for 4 more hours during which I was once again raided, this time by The Other Australian™ aka Panda Station™ aka liquid_bongo (follow them, that’s an order)! Thank you for that as well, my favourite panda. 🥰

After toning it down for a bit in the last 30 minutes I then took what was left of my viewership over to Dave Dresden (from Gabriel & Dresden) to enjoy soothing and mellow progressive trance vibes until it was time for bed.

Totally off to the side during the stream my wife created a painting of me doing my thang. Here is a first preview, and it’s amazing! 😍

Me playing for all the people on Twitch, according to my wife.

All in all it was an amazing event and I have no idea how it could have gone any better. Many friends, old and new alike, were there and chatted for a bit, a lot more were simply lurking (100% okay with me), and not a single ounce of bad vibes was to be found anywhere. Thank you all for making this birthday one of the most memorable of my life 🥰, even though I couldn’t actually hug any of you! 😢

Player, download, playlist