Lunch Trance – 2024-03-20 – Newsflash

No internet trouble! 🥳

It’s amazing how sometimes it’s the small things you’re happy about. 😀

I think today may have been the show with the highest number of new tracks: 22! There was almost no space for tracks from last week! 😁

Among those twenty-two new tracks there were a couple of gems, such as:

  • Amos & Riot Night and Ren Faye, “Different View”
  • Sam Laxton’s Magikal Remix of “Not Too Late” by Sarah de Warren and Somna
  • “Poison” by Reinier Zonneveld and Zeltak
  • Aly & Fila and Ferry Tayle, “Concorde” remixed by Cris Grey

The Favourite of the Week™ must definitely be this track, though: “Not Anymore” by Leon Bolier.

As usual, you shouldn’t really pay attention to which tracks I like or don’t like, just listen to the whole thing and decide for yourself:

The next show will be on Wednesday, April 3, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. That’s right, we’re once again switching to summer time so if you’re not switching to summer time between today’s show and the next show, I will be starting one hour earlier!

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Lunch Trance – 2024-03-13 – Newsflash

Most of the show went fine but near the end I seem to have had a bit of trouble with my internet connection…

I didn’t even get a reply by anybody. So rude!

At the end I wanted to raid mayor but I don’t think that worked, either… anyway, I am very happy that I don’t rely on anything in the internet for the recording of the show. 😀

However, as I found out after I had already started the upload to Mixcloud, my playlist generation tool does need internet… I had to manually add two tracks that I played while the internet was down, like some kind of pleb. Disgraceful.

So, bunch of new tracks today, what did we have? The ones that stood out for me were:

  • The Equinøx remix of “7 instead of 8” by Rank 1
  • Greg Downey’s “Invaders”
  • “Sparks in the Night” by Elysian

And the Favourite of the Week™ this week is “Eris” by Hassan Jewel and Transient!

Even if you were present from start to finish today, due to the internet outage you will have missed something, so you damn well better make sure to catch up on everything. Right here. Button. Do it.

The next show will be on Wednesday, March 20, at 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

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Lunch Trance – 2024-03-06 – Newsflash

I have noticed in the past that I somehow dig the tracks I play in the beginning of the show way more than the tracks I play later in the show. Am I in fact more of a progressive trance fan than a vocal/uplifting/melodic trance fan?! Not sure. I’ll have to keep an eye on that…

Anyway, today was a notable exception! I found myself really digging tracks in the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of the set. Here is an excerpt of the tracks I really liked:

  • “Memoria Eterna” by Aether, the new project of Andrew Rayel
  • “Elixir” by Drival and Steve Dekay
  • “Pacific Tide” by P.O.S.
  • Will Rees’s remix of Sneijder’s “In and Out of My Life”
  • “Blueberry” by Probspot, remixed by Markus Schulz

Now, the Favourite of the Week™ has a bit of a story behind it… Spotify told me about this track, and I immediately set out to locate it but it wasn’t in the Trance charts!

My confusion was palpable.

Turns out, it apparently took a wrong turn and entered the Bass House charts! So, I guess we’re doing Bass House now! 😂

Anyway, here is the Favourite of the Week™: “Blood Pressure” by Andrew Bayer!

This track and the other track can be listened to by clicking the button. Click the button! CLICK IT!

The next show will be on Wednesday, March 13, at 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

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