Lunch Trance – 2024-03-20 – Newsflash

No internet trouble! 🥳

It’s amazing how sometimes it’s the small things you’re happy about. 😀

I think today may have been the show with the highest number of new tracks: 22! There was almost no space for tracks from last week! 😁

Among those twenty-two new tracks there were a couple of gems, such as:

  • Amos & Riot Night and Ren Faye, “Different View”
  • Sam Laxton’s Magikal Remix of “Not Too Late” by Sarah de Warren and Somna
  • “Poison” by Reinier Zonneveld and Zeltak
  • Aly & Fila and Ferry Tayle, “Concorde” remixed by Cris Grey

The Favourite of the Week™ must definitely be this track, though: “Not Anymore” by Leon Bolier.

As usual, you shouldn’t really pay attention to which tracks I like or don’t like, just listen to the whole thing and decide for yourself:

The next show will be on Wednesday, April 3, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. That’s right, we’re once again switching to summer time so if you’re not switching to summer time between today’s show and the next show, I will be starting one hour earlier!

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Vincent De MoorFlowtation (Dan Stone Remix)
00:04:54ElysianSparks in the Night
00:09:53DaxsonElysium (Transmission 2024 Theme)
00:18:06DJane ThunderpussyOpen Your Eyes (LOUT Remix)
00:21:45DriftmoonTwisted Lullaby
00:25:12D-Gor, Marc van Linden, Talla 2XLCIndicode
00:29:48FrankyeffeKill Me
00:34:32Simon PattersonDo Do Do
00:40:03John AskewThese Dogs Trust No One (Red Dragon Edit)
00:43:54ReOrderFree Your Mind
00:47:16HyperlogicOnly Me (Liam Wilson Remix)
00:51:49Emmy SkyerNext Dimension
00:56:16NikolaussHold On
01:00:51Rj Van XettenThe Dream
01:05:25Leon BolierNot Anymore
01:09:38Greg DowneyInvaders
01:13:47Kobosil, KuKOEiskalt
01:17:390Gravity, Lyd14Dark Desire
01:21:44Avaxx, Coulson, NG RezonanceKinetic
01:25:53ETERAFunk You
01:30:05TH3 ONEHorizon
01:33:19Amos & Riot Night, Ren FayeDifferent View
01:39:55Global Cee, Talla 2XLCReturn To Forever
01:45:11Sarah de Warren, SomnaNot Too Late (Sam Laxton’s Magikal Remix)
01:48:25Jackob RoenaldVoices Behind
01:53:02Nu SpiritDon’t Wanna Run
01:57:50Reinier Zonneveld, ZeltakPoison
02:02:37Hassan Jewel, TransientEris
02:08:07Aly & Fila, Ferry TayleConcorde (Cris Grey Remix)

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