Lunch Trance – 2024-04-08 – Newsflash

So, yes, I did not play a show during the Revision build up. And I did not play a show the week after Revision because I was actually down with the Revision Flu™ (which I am still feeling even though I’m almost back on my feet again). Which means that this week’s Wednesday would have marked three weeks since the last show. And as I have no idea how to handle such a large gap I decided to catch up: one show today, one show tomorrow, and back to the regular programming on Wednesday!

As I had packed a couple of crucial parts of my setup for Revision, I needed to look for all of them in all the boxes that I packed, and at some point I ran out of time (because I was playing “Outer Worlds” 🤣) so I decided to skip on the microphone.

Turns out, that was a bad choice… because today (of all days!) I got a raid from none other than Ruben de Ronde which pushed my maximum viewer count to the staggering height of 62 viewers — which is the most I have had in quite some time. Thank you, Ruben! 💖

The Favourite of the Week™ was delivered by a couple of well-known names this week: “Deceiver” by Allen Watts & RAM.

You can listen to the set again at your earliest convenience:

The next show will be tomorrow! That’s right: Tuesday, April 9, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. Also, again the reminder that I am on summer time now so if you’re not, remember to adjust your alarm clocks accordingly.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00SiskinAlways You (Maratone Remix)
00:05:41Vincent De MoorFlowtation (Dan Stone Remix)
00:09:25DaxsonElysium (Transmission 2024 Theme)
00:12:53DJane ThunderpussyOpen Your Eyes (LOUT Remix)
00:16:19Doppenberg, Frank SpectorLamentation
00:24:09DriftmoonTwisted Lullaby
00:28:12Simon PattersonDo Do Do
00:33:53Leon BolierNot Anymore
00:39:07t e s t p r e s sFORZ4
00:43:16Andy Cain, Gregory JamesEvent Horizon
00:48:24Stoneface & TerminalIn My Mind
00:51:40SchakStanding Still
00:55:49Collide1Reach Out
01:00:09Amos & Riot Night, Ren FayeDifferent View
01:06:21Global Cee, Talla 2XLCReturn To Forever
01:11:38Blu PeterThe Pictures in Your Mind (Kadoc Mix)
01:15:15Guava ProjectFloating Away
01:19:38Sarah de Warren, SomnaNot Too Late (Sam Laxton’s Magikal Remix)
01:23:47James DymondFlow Walker
01:28:22Jackob RoenaldVoices Behind
01:33:52Nu SpiritDon’t Wanna Run
01:38:37NicholsonRock It
01:43:40Aly & Fila, Ferry TayleConcorde (Cris Grey Remix)
01:48:41Per Pleks, Roland ClarkWTF (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Edit)
01:52:17FrankyeffeKill Me
01:56:23Allen Watts, RAMDeceiver
02:00:43MadwaveColours Of The 5th Rainbow (Chris SX Remix)
02:05:10Reinier Zonneveld, ZeltakPoison
02:10:00Cari, Rene Ablaze, Woody Van EydenLovin’ You (Lucas Deyong Remix)
02:12:45Emmy SkyerNext Dimension
02:17:11JFKWhiplash (JFK & Rob Tissera 2024 Remix)
02:21:04HyperlogicOnly Me (Liam Wilson Remix)
02:25:39Guava ProjectThe Prophecy
02:30:39Cold Blue, Nicole WillertonAll I See Is You

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