Lunch Trance – 2024-04-09 – Newsflash

Day 2 of the post-Revision catch up marathon! These tracks should have originally been broadcasted last week but I was way too destroyed after the party and the journey home.

I am, however, on the mend, which is good, because tomorrow there’s going to be another show that will bring us back up to speed.

I also finished setting up all the stuff that I tore down for Revision, i.e. my microphone… just in case I would get another raid (like yesterday’s raid by Ruben de Ronde) but today was all quiet. And it even stay quiet after I finished my set because my planned raid into lug00ber’s Tea & Bass session failed due to technical issues on lug00ber’s side! 😢

Oh well, at least Ruben had a track that I could declare Favourite of the Week™: Cubicore’s Remix of “Lose Yourself” by Ruben and That Girl! 😄

So Mixcloud, very listen, such button!

The next show will — again — be tomorrow! Wednesday, April 10, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. (Casual reminder about summer time.)

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Ruben de Ronde, That GirlLose Yourself (Cubicore Mix)
00:05:37SiskinAlways You (Maratone Remix)
00:10:10Stoneface & TerminalIn My Mind
00:13:34Dennis Sheperd, DIM3NSION, ProtocultureSublimity
00:16:25KhatunePulse of Existence (Karlo Wanny 2024 Remix)
00:20:28Avaxx, NG Rezonance, PHDPlaying With Fire
00:24:21Blu PeterThe Pictures in Your Mind (Kadoc Mix)
00:27:34Amelie LensBreathe
00:30:39Asteroid, Pharos TEuphoric Dreams
00:39:20AA MeetingThe Road Ahead
00:44:22Doppenberg, Frank SpectorLamentation
00:47:56Paul DentonTremor
00:51:55Maria HealyNovember Morning
00:56:59Per Pleks, Roland ClarkWTF (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Edit)
01:00:21Miikka LFeel It Again
01:04:54Trance WaxOpen Up The Night (X-Coast Remix)
01:08:33NicholsonRock It
01:12:39Renegade SystemI’m Afraid of The Dark
01:16:18Allen Watts, RAMDeceiver
01:20:10MadwaveColours Of The 5th Rainbow (Chris SX Remix)
01:25:22Cari, Rene Ablaze, Woody Van EydenLovin’ You (Lucas Deyong Remix)
01:28:02ArtenaOne More Time
01:32:36Cold Blue, Nicole WillertonAll I See Is You
01:38:11Guava ProjectThe Prophecy
01:43:15JFKWhiplash (JFK & Rob Tissera 2024 Remix)
01:47:36Andy Cain, Gregory JamesEvent Horizon
01:53:48Claudiu Adam, That GirlSilver Lining
01:58:08Clara Yates, Talla 2XLCSomewhere Over The Rainbow
02:03:35DrivalThe Compass
02:10:04Armin van Buuren, GryffinWhat Took You So Long
02:15:32Collide1Reach Out

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