Lunch Trance – 2024-07-10 – Newsflash

Preparation for today’s show was less eventful than last week, the playlist was synced to the player on the first try! I mean, that is something that should be expected and it’s kind of sad that this is so unusual that I have to mention it, but what can you do? 🤷

Well, I know what I am doing: I am changing things in the background. This site is not what it was last week! It is now running in a Docker container, downloads are handled by my Nextcloud instance, and on top of that I am currently writing a bit of JavaScript that may eventually replace that (rather useless) Mixcloud widget.

Okay, enough of that. This has already been more information than has been exchanged in the chat during the show. 😄 I still ❤️ all my lurkers!

Really, enough of that now. What did we have? A couple nice openers, taken from the “other” trance charts, and then we got a couple of nice tracks from our regular trance charts, such as “The Pursuit of Perfection” by Inoblivion, “Nebula” by Aly & Fila and Richard Durand (which is actually from last week already but apparently it managed to slip by unnoticed), and then we have the track that I have picked as this week’s Favourite of the Week™: “Never Felt This Good” by DT8 Project, The Space Brothers, and Andrea Britton.

And maybe some other tracks managed to slip by without getting noticed today as well? If you hear something, say something, or leave me a comment, or whatever. You know.

The next show will be on Wednesday, July 17, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

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Sets from Demoparties

Hey there! If you are part of the demoscene and you are reading this page, you might want to check out the sets that I have played at demoparties! I spent a bit of time and added everything that I could find on a disk somewhere, and if you want to take a listen to those sets, in the navigation on this page (or right here in the text) there is a clickable category named “Demoparty.”


Lunch Trance – 2024-07-03 – Newsflash

Today uploading the show onto the player only required two tries. Almost acceptable!

What may end up as “maybe not quite acceptable” is the number of tracks that I have added this year, and that have 4 or more stars. We have just entered the second half of the year, and I am already at 108 tracks that I would need to play at this year’s End of the Year mix. If the release rate stays that way (and on average it should) I’m looking at 200 tracks that I need to play. Two bloody fucking hundred! At five minutes a track that would be over 16 hours! I’m gonna die… 😵

For this week I’m only going to point to the Favourite of the Week™: Woody van Eyden’s remix of “Balearic Desire” by Sunstar.

You definitely should listen to the rest of the show as well, though!

The next show will be on Wednesday, July 10, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

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