Lunch Trance – 2022-10-19 – Top of the Week

Second show with the New And Improved™ Format and I must say, I really like it. It feels more to the point, and it feels way more personal than just playing the charts. I think I’m gonna stick with it, at least until I can think of something even better! 😄

And that means that you are also stuck with it!

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Lunch Trance – 2022-10-15 – Top of the Week

Okay, this will also be a long post so get seated and buckle up! We’re gonna start slowly with this picture that my wife painted two years ago during my Birthday Bash. I already showed it to you back then but my wife made some small alterations (and signed it!) and I did take a better picture of it before the show so please enjoy the new version of this masterpiece:

The Rest of the Thrilling Story