Lunch Trance – 2023-10-25 – Newsflash

Today was a very relaxed show, no trouble from any hard- or software, and during the last part of it even The Cat™ showed up and I rigged up another camera to put it on stream. I will have to improve the setup in OBS to make that easier in the future.

So, what great tracks did we listen to today? Well, first of all, we had a very interesting track with “Yes Man” by Ferry Corsten. We had a nice remix by John Askew for CJ Bolland’s “There Can Be Only One,” Stoneface & Terminal released “Got My Need” which immediately grabbed everybody’s attention, there was a Greg Downey remix (“The Chamber” by Inertia), Peetu S declared “You Broke Me,” Synthazia’s “Lumi” kept us busy for about 10 of its 12 minutes, I liked the Alchimyst remix of Ralphie B’s “Massive” a lot, and then we finally got to what I picked for Favourite of the week: a remix of Binary Finary’s classic “1998” by none other than Victor Ruiz (who already made it to Favourite of the week three weeks ago)!

All in all, today was a very nice show that you absolutely do want to listen to again:

I’ll be back next week, November 1, at 19:00 CET/18:00 UTC+1! Please take note that summer time is ending this weekend in Germany so next week I’ll be on one hour later than usual — unless you’re also coming out of summer time this weekend. 🙂

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Lunch Trance – 2023-10-18 – Newsflash

Last week my back decided to cancel the show for me, so this week there was another Double Feature! Oh, wait, that means I get to pick two Favourites of the Week! I’m lovin’ it! ❤

As usual, there was a whole bunch of great tracks in today’s show! I already loved the opener, Jardin’s “Another World,” and the second track, “Tears of the Kingdom” by Alex Sonata & TheRio, Giuseppe Ottaviani, and Tishmal was also very lovely! Later on we had new tracks by David Broaders (“Pink Clouding,” remixed by Suncatcher & Exolight), Maarten de Jong (“Babylon”), Elle Mariachi and Nicholson (“Unstoppable (Winner)”), Allen Watts & Driftmoon (“Power of the Universe”), Modeā & Victor Ruiz (“Contrast”), John Askew (“Afterburner”), Andrea Ribeca (“Into the Future”), Ralphie B (“Massive,” remixed by Alchimyst), and Paul Denton (“Siren”), but there were many more great tracks and it feels kinda silly to list them all? 🤪

Alright, so, Favourite of the Week, yes. For last week, it’s gotta be this track:

And for this week I pick:

Absolute bangers all around! I’d say it’s high time for you to finally listen for yourself:

I’ll be back next week, October 25, at 19:00 CEST+2!

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Lunch Trance – 2023-10-03 – Newsflash

This week’s show was two shows in one, a Double Feature! As I was on vacation last week (and it was glorious), and as we have a company-wide audit on Wednesday and Thursday (with no telling how long I have to stay in the evening), and as there is a national holiday today, I decided to pack up all those tunes into a nice, extra-long show! And because I didn’t want to clash with lug00ber’s Tueday show I started right at lunch! Finally, after all this time, we had some decent Lunch Trance again! 🥳

And other people noticed it as well! The Panda™ himself, liquid_bongo, raided me and brought about 50 viewers! Thanks, mate, it’s really been a long time since we were playing at around the same time! ❤

Of course, the only one unwilling to play would be the Windows machine. It lost its network connection once (but managed to bounce back) and then it decided to spontaneously reboot. I might take a look at the Event Viewer later to see if I can find anything that maybe I can change to stop it from doing that.

Okay, so, two week’s worth of show, all rolled into one. Does that mean I finally get to pick two Favourites of the Week? I have decided that yes, it does. 😀

And there were a whole bunch of nice tracks in there! Aaron Hibell brought us “Destroyer of Worlds,” Metta & Glyde contributed “Celestia” to the show, and BiXX and Natalie Gioia smashed it out of the park with “Beautiful Chaos,” and there was a new Maddix remix by an Armin van Buuren track, there was a new John Askew, and a John O’Callaghan, and Maarten de Jong, and Allen Watts… okay, apparently, picking two tracks is not easier than picking one! 😂

Anyway! So, last week’s Favourite of the week would be this one: “For All Time,” the Suanda 400 Anthem by Roman Messer! ❤

And for this week I’m picking this one: Modeā and Victor Ruiz with “Contrast.” What a banger!

So, there will not be a show tomorrow but I will be back next week, on the regular day, which is the Wednesday, at the regular time, which is 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. And until then you can listen to the recording!

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