Lunch Trance – 2022-06-22 – Top of the Week

Okay, so I guess my show is now four hours long, every week. Could be worse, I guess… 😄

What was worse: a track that I (and others!) had considered finally being lost beyond the Top 50 (and rightfully so, in our very humble opinion) has suddenly made a reappearance, to everybody’s dismay. The charts are really quite mysterious, even when you ignore apparently permanent residents like Tinlicker…

The next Top of the Week show will be on next Wednesday, June 29, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Renegade SystemOcelot
00:04:54Bruno Oloviani, Daniel KandiBalance in Chaos
00:09:40James DustTraveller
00:14:06Kenny PalmerIcecrown
00:19:17SignalrunnersMeet Me in Montauk (Judah Remix)
00:22:57Grum, Sarah AppelCome Alive
00:31:32Chris SXTouch Me
00:36:02Rich TriphonicOne Touch
00:39:45RinalyUndying Love
00:44:25Ben Nicky, Distorted DreamsWe Come 1
00:47:00Tom ExoInvictus
00:52:11A.R.D.I.The World Is Ours
00:57:42Armin van BuurenOumuamua
01:00:53Mercurial VirusThe Lion (Steve Allen Remix)
01:06:07Hemstock, Mercurial VirusSynastry
01:11:00David ForbesDensity
01:14:49Roland Klein, Talla 2XLCNexus Point
01:20:22Miss RodriguezApollo
01:23:57SolarisWaiting For You (Thomas Datt’s Heart Activation Remix)
01:30:47Nazzereene, Super8 & TabLightning
01:34:04Christopher CorriganSunlight
01:37:59ParnassvsThe Chariots
01:42:29Bryan Kearney, Out of the Dust, PlumbTake This
01:49:36Avaxx, Jason Nawty, NG RezonanceTransparent
01:59:00Ben Nicky, Christian Burns, Greg DowneyAlways (Stoneblue Remix)
02:02:42Sam LaxtonFace to Face
02:08:31Lange, SkyeDrifting Away (GVN Remix)
02:13:31Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
02:17:38Metta & Glyde11:11
02:29:19Noire Lee, Somna, YangTill Oblivion (Asteroid Remix)
02:34:10Alex Sonata & TheRioThe Real Thing
02:37:52Ben GoldRest of Our Lives
02:44:49Ralphie B, Talla 2XLCSpirit
02:49:56Paul DentonOcean of Time
02:54:40Alison May, Andrew BayerMidnight
03:05:52Ahmed HelmyAfterlife
03:09:15Yoshi & RaznerThe Essence
03:14:07Bryan Kearney, SneijderProper Order (Mark Sherry Remix)
03:18:19Mark SherrySacrosanct
03:23:01AndainPromises (Myon Summer of Love Reboot)
03:27:00Armin van BuurenLet You Down
03:31:19Db Mokk, Manuel Le Saux, Sean TyasAltus
03:35:44Alex Sonata & TheRioCala Luna
03:39:26Will ReesBurnin’ Up
03:44:45Above & BeyondCan’t Sleep (Ruben de Ronde & Elevven Remix)
03:49:04Craig Connelly, Tara LouiseYou Are Alive

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