Lunch Trance – 2022-09-21 – Top of the Week

As you no doubt have noticed, I did not manage to play a show last weekend. I wanted it to be outside, as a change of scenery, but it was raining all weekend long, and I didn’t want to play from the living room so I simply didn’t play at all. However, that still left all the equipment untested so I had to do that today, lest I procrastinate it to the weekend again…

Setting this up was not really a big ordeal, there were no major problems that a reboot didn’t fix, and the hardware itself seems to be working absolutely wonderfully. Nobody reported any problems so I’ll assume there weren’t any. 😁

And during the show there were no complaints, either! ☺️ Unfortunately the hardware itself is not much to look at, it has no blinking lights, no exciting bar graphs, see for yourself:

Front part of my audio rack, originally meant for demoparties but totally usable for DJ sets from hotels, too!

The top device is the receiver unit for the wireless microphones and while there is a bit of movement on those displays, it is not synced to the music and thus very boring. The soundcard below that is not any better, either, and we don’t talk about the switch below that.

Anyway, the show itself — while technically an absolute marvel — was again rather uneventful. No incoming raids, some chatting was going on (which was lovely), and no large, glaring fuckups from my side. Splendid!

The next show is going to be on next Wednesday, September 28, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. It’s also going to be live from a hotel at the Baltic Sea because it’s my wife’s birthday and we’re taking a short vacation. Because we can!

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Clay CDark Light
00:05:42Last Soldier, NELLY TGMPromise You My Love (Uplifting Mix)
00:10:44Above & Beyond, Marty LongstaffChains
00:15:07Dash BerlinIn the End (Photographer Remix)
00:19:47Steve DekayColossal
00:24:27Claus BackslashSilent Waters
00:28:36NorniFairy Dust
00:32:22Gee, Megan McDuffeeEvolve
00:37:16Stoneface & TerminalMoonraver
00:42:51Mercurial VirusNinmah
00:48:42Sound De-ZignHappiness (Sound Design 2nd Treat Original Mix)
00:53:12D-Gor, Marc van LindenEmozione
00:57:21Klaus KazIn the Darkness
01:02:28Sean Truby, Steve DekayThunderfunk
01:06:43Andrea RibecaSpielraum
01:11:03ChakraLove Shines Through (Maarten de Jong Remix)
01:14:43Sue McLaren, TenishiaStrong (Dan Cooper Remix)
01:19:50Conjure One, Sinéad O’ConnorTears from the Moon (anamē Remix)
01:25:16MaRLo, Roxanne EmeryBorderline
01:29:26BiXXMarvellous Universe
01:33:33Avaxx, NG Rezonance, PHDAcidic
01:38:26Ahmed Helmy, Roman MesserOne World (Suanda 350 Anthem)
01:41:59Kaimo K, Tiff LaceyLinger
01:47:23PulsedriverCambodia (Talla 2XLC Vocal Remix)
01:56:33DJ PhalanxSunstate (Peetu S Remix)
02:00:32Darren Porter, RAMThe Calling (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
02:05:29StarpickerPurified (Giuseppe Ottaviani Retouch)
02:09:23Ben HemsleyErase Me
02:14:22South of the StarsVoid
02:19:14Mark SherryGravitational Waves (Systembreaker Remix)
02:24:46Oliver SmithMake Me Feel
02:33:14Miss RodriguezStay
02:37:02Key4050Higher Sense
02:41:35Sam JonesIncoming
02:46:05Sean Tyas, VictoriyaPerfect World (Amos & Riot Night Remix)
02:51:10Aly & Fila, Billy GilliesKings (FSOE750 Anthem)
02:54:55Kinetica, Paul SkeltonOne More Day
03:00:01Bryn Whiting, NG RezonanceLimitless
03:04:53Daniel SkyverExpedition
03:09:45Ferry Tayle, XiJaro & PitchLost in Memories (David Elston Remix)
03:15:07Sneijder, VictoriyaNeed You Here
03:20:42HypatonHello Peter (Giuseppe Ottaviani Retouch)
03:25:21The Space BrothersForever (ReOrder Remix)
03:29:30Paul DentonWhy We Fall
03:34:34RAM, Susana, Tales of LifeThe Power of Love
03:39:46Metta & GlydeAnywhere with You
03:45:55Alex Sonata & TheRioBreath of the Wild
03:49:59Simon PattersonVoodoo

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