Lunch Trance – 2022-12-21 – Top of the Week

The past week has been a cold one. On Monday last week the central heating in our building went out; on Tuesday we were notified that parts need to be ordered, and we were given electrical radiators. However, no warm water! 🥶

The new parts arrived on Monday, on Tuesday they were installed and the heating went on and then off again. The game repeated on Wednesday: heating and warm water for a while and then again: nothing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

The show itself today was a bit of a blur… I had the feeling that I didn’t really hear most of the tracks I played which makes me a bit sad… 😢

However, I am also looking forward to next week! There will not be a regular Top of the Week show next week, instead I will be playing an End of the Year show, bringing your hours, hours, and hours of the best tracks of the year! 🥳 In addition I will already start before noon (in my timezone) and will play until long after it’s dark outside, torturing my old body in the process but hopefully bringing joy to all of you.

Anyway, here’s this week’s episode:

So, as mentioned, the next show will happen on Wednesday, December 28, at 🕚 11:00 CET/UTC+1. It will probably be between 7 and 8 hours so you should have ample time to catch it during the day. The next regular Top of the Week will happen on January 4, 2023, 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1, just as usual.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00London Thor, Shane 54Kingdom (KhoMha Remix)
00:04:54BT, Markus SchulzPrestwick
00:09:52M6, Rub!kBeside Me
00:12:50Ahmed HelmySomething Inside
00:15:58Arty, Tania ZygarThe Wall (Elevven 2022 Remode)
00:20:29Amos & Riot Night, Matt BukovskiTimewarp
00:25:36Harry Diamond, K-MRKThe Festival
00:28:522TrancyDream Theme
00:33:15Thomas LloydGet Up
00:37:10Kenny PalmerBelieve You Can
00:43:05SusanaDark Side of the Moon (Stoneface & Terminal Dark Remix)
00:48:05Simon PattersonUS (No-So Remix)
00:51:52Mark SherryThe Release
00:56:13Anita Kelsey, First StateFalling (Craig Connelly Remix)
01:01:01Smith & BrownTardus
01:04:55Joint Operations CentreDarkstate (A Dreamstate Anthem)
01:09:02RAM, Sarah De WarrenWhere I Want to Be
01:14:22Alternate High, Lyd14Spirit Above
01:19:15David ForbesExposure
01:23:38System FAdagio for Strings
01:27:53Sam JonesU Ready?
01:32:57Arielle Maren, Vintage & MorelliOther Side (Factor B’s In Loving Memory Remix)
01:38:40John AskewPeople Are Strange
01:43:14Billy HendrixBody Shine (Will Rees Remix)
01:48:43David ForbesHybrid
01:51:52Metta & Glyde, SusanaBuild a Bridge
01:57:00Kenny PalmerNightbourne
02:01:36Clara Yates, Richard DurandMillion Stars
02:06:27DJ Sakin, Talla 2XLCProtect Your Mind (Braveheart)
02:10:50Alan MorrisEsperanza
02:15:11Kate Miles, ThoBaYour Love (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
02:19:59Davey AspreySubversion
02:24:40XiJaro & PitchTuesday 8PM

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