Lunch Trance – 2023-01-25 – Top of the Week

The new year seems to have picked up the pace because this week we again had more than 20 new entries, and some of them I even liked, like, a lot!

Apart from that there’s not much news… the cats still have some kind of truce that gets punctuated by tiny skirmishes every now and then, even though Monty gets more approachable and cuddly every week. Soon it’s going to be a year that he’s with us…

Time flies! It does when you have cats and it also did for me during the show! The first time I looked at the clock to see how much longer I’d be playing I was already more than 2 hours in. That’s a good sign that I enjoyed myself, and I really hope that if you watched, you did too, and if you didn’t, that you will, once you listen to it. ❤

The next show will happen on Wednesday, February 1, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Sunny LaxBy My Side
00:09:38Nerak, ShapovValhalla
00:16:35Sunny LaxArchons
00:20:06BTKintsugi (Siskin Remix)
00:24:05Alexander Popov, LTNFormula
00:27:53Scott Cameron112
00:32:09Phillip CastleThe Gap
00:36:07Oliver Smith, SØNINPassion
00:40:09Stephane MarvelAnother Earth
00:44:19FirewallSincere (William Byrne Remix)
00:49:05BiXX, Ronski Speed, That GirlThere Is Purpose
00:54:21Avaxx, Coulson, NG RezonanceOnce Again
00:59:28Christina Novelli, Craig ConnellyBlack Hole (Ferry Tayle Remix)
01:04:06Christina Novelli, Craig ConnellyBlack Hole (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
01:08:24The Noble SixRings of Saturn
01:13:56Christina Novelli, NoMosk, Roman MesserLost Soul (Full Fire Mix)
01:18:14Chelsea Holland, Nicholson, Paul ClarkIn Your Arms
01:23:20Made of LightChildren
01:28:15InoblivionWhen Darkness Falls
01:32:10SolangeMessages (Metta & Glyde Remix)
01:36:48The Sax BrothersCareless Whisper (South East Players Remix)
01:40:11Carol Lee, Re:Locate, Robert NicksonBuilt to Last (C-Systems Remix)
01:43:57Ben Gold, Madelyn MonaghanFollow the King (David Forbes Remix)
01:47:39Neev Kennedy, Raz NitzanRelease You
01:56:40Steve DekaySupremacy
02:00:09RAMThe Magic of Mexico
02:05:52Adam Ellis, Lucid BlueSapphire Skies
02:12:06Nash, SomnaYour Gravity
02:15:50SunloungerHalong Bay (Heatbeat Remix)
02:19:19Luc Poublon, Pete Delete, PhazerGerontion 2023
02:24:55Force MajeureOut of My Mind (Daniel Skyver Remix)
02:29:40Guava, Ren FayeGuardian Angel
02:34:04Caleb Golston, Cari, Fisical ProjectLike It Was Yesterday
02:38:43Jaron Inc., WavetraxxCloudsurfer
02:43:49JESYou and Me Belong (ReOrder Remix)

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