Lunch Trance – 2023-02-15 – Top of the Week

It’s been a while since I forgot to hit the 🔴 Record button so it was bound to happen eventually! So… what do?

Okay, I could simply say, “oh, well, I guess you should have been there.” I mean, that’s still a possibility but maybe I can actually try to use…

Technology! \o/

Okay… so, Twitch keeps recordings of my latest shows. Maybe I can somehow get it from there? Okay, yeah, looks good, it’s giving me a 2.9 GiB video file. It even has audio in rather decent quality (though it has been reencoded)… but wait.

I don’t remember taking that many breaks…

The gaps are from where Twitch has muted the audio because of copyright-protected tracks. I can kind of live with Twitch muting those when I publish the video but when I download it for private use I do expect to get the original, unmuted audio.

Okay… so, Twitch can also export the video to YouTube. Maybe, seeing that YouTube has all its own shit to deal with copyright-protected material, Twitch will actually export the original audio to YouTube? Alright, let’s check… oh, wait, YouTube first needs to process my video…

“No, really, I’m processing it right now!”

[30 minutes later…]

Okay… so, YouTube also only gets the muted audio from Twitch. Plus due to the low resolution of my video (I’m only streaming at 720p) YouTube has turned my video into pixel mush and my audio into a recording made inside a trash can (96 kbps AAC).

I guess you should have been there after all.

(Sorry! ❤)

The next show will happen on Wednesday, February 22, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1. (And maybe I’ll even press the 🔴 Record button!)

You cannot download the show anywhere, unfortunately, but you can marvel at the playlist:

00:05:37Dennis Sheperd, EKE, Koni BlankLimitless
00:08:43Kyau & AlbertChimera (DJ Version)
00:12:33Alex WrightElectropia
00:16:02Ash Nova, Brandon Vendetta, Maor LeviAlone
00:21:08TiëstoLay Low (Tiësto VIP Mix)
00:27:15Clara Yates, Jordan SuckleyWill I
00:31:49Marco VGODD (Mark Sherry Remix)
00:36:29Aly & Fila, Emma HewittYou & I (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
00:41:33Cold BlueRedemption
00:46:39Joran ShadeUnattainable
00:51:46Alex Di StefanoInjection
00:56:35BiXX, Katty HeathLet the Love Shine Through
01:00:47Miyuki, Tara LouiseLove Again Like That
01:05:14Chris SchweizerHigher State
01:09:33Jodie Poye, Lisa LouderSafe Place
01:14:09Talla 2XLCRagnaroek
01:23:44Will ReesNatural World
01:28:50Ben Gold, Yasmin JaneSearching (For a Kinder Love) (Paul Denton Remix)
01:32:18AA MeetingAir
01:37:45AmazingblazeOn the Grind
01:42:05Code 2Ur Gonna Want Me
01:46:14Donna Tella, RinalyHome
01:51:23Cari, RAMWhat Matters
01:57:38Corin Bayley, Liam WilsonWorth the Wait
02:02:10D-Myo, DJ-ElvenWorld of Pandora
02:06:01AmazingblazeCan’t Stop
02:10:26Lost KnowledgeInner World
02:15:01Lemon & Einar KAnticipation (ReOrder Remix)
02:19:24Pierre PienaarLifeforce (Rhys Elliott Remix)

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