Lunch Trance – 2023-02-22 – Top of the Week



Did I? Did I not?

Who knows. It was a good show either way; there were new tracks by Yoshi & Razner, by Metta & Glyde, and even a new Ben Nicky & Distorted Dreams!


I’m not sure the third remix of “Adagio for Strings” within six months or so was really necessary but well, there it is.

And to answer that earlier question, yes, I did! 😁

The next show will happen on Wednesday, March 1, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Sam Allan, Sarah De WarrenSecrets of Your Heart
00:06:01JODAWe Find Ourselves (Jono Grant’s Stadium Mix)
00:10:04Puddle EcoSystemRadix
00:18:05Alex WrightElectropia
00:22:12TiëstoLay Low (Tiësto VIP Mix)
00:24:14Diana Miro, Ruben de RondeFootprint (Ahmed Helmy Remix)
00:32:20Clara Yates, Jordan SuckleyWill I
00:36:57Allen WattsMainframe
00:41:09AlexMo, Lab4Afterlife
00:46:54Ben GoldUltrasonic (Maarten de Jong Remix)
00:50:42David Forbes, Mark SherryGalvanizers
00:54:38Jody 6You Make Me Feel Alive
00:58:47Joran ShadeUnattainable
01:02:54Cold BlueRedemption
01:07:29AngelicIt’s My Turn (C-Systems Remix)
01:10:53Yoshi & RaznerA Neverending Dream
01:15:42Hardcode, Maratone, SaphronWalk through Shadows (Jimmy Chou Remix)
01:20:34Jodie Poye, Lisa LouderSafe Place
01:25:08Talla 2XLCRagnaroek
01:34:07Will ReesNatural World
01:39:09XiJaro & PitchChasing Dreams
01:43:30AmazingblazeGot the Vibe
01:47:51Gordon TennantThe Gods Disco
01:51:46AA MeetingAir
01:56:48Avaxx, B.E.A.R, NG RezonanceWant You
02:01:37RRAW!, Talla 2XLCWonderful Dayz
02:05:46Metta & GlydeShadow
02:11:15Igor Dorin, SaliVoices of the Past
02:15:21Cari, RAMWhat Matters
02:21:30Ben Nicky, Distorted DreamsAdagio for Strings

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