Lunch Trance – 2023-06-14 – Newsflash

The defining thing of today’s show was a bluescreen right in the middle, followed directly by a lot of audio problems while the network hardware was getting back into its groove after the reboot. I hate that hardware seems to simply break after a year or three and everybody (including me) simply goes out and buys replacements, instead of visiting the company’s CEO’s home and setting it on 🔥.

Anyway, the show starting off with a banger that I immediately wanted to make Favourite of the Week but then there was this other track which was already in its second week and the other track was in its first week and would surely be with us next time as well so here the Favourite of the Week which we won’t hear again next week: “Strikefast” by James Dymond!

Other tracks that you may want to give some attention to are “Under Pressure” by Andrew Bayer, remixed by the man himself and Farius, the afore-mentioned contender but there’s also “Wasp” by Above & Beyond which has grown quite a lot on me since last week so you should definitely give that one a listen, too! Greg Downey has also been delivering with “Zenith,” and District5’s Dirty Mix by Technikal’s “Cubik” is great as well!

Anyway. Next week’s show is going to be on Tuesday because I will be on holiday starting Wednesday and I don’t feel like packing all the stuff I would need to play a show from there… not after the disaster of last time. 😂

Here’s the show in its completeness, to enjoy on your own time:

The next show will happen on Tuesday, June 20, at 🕖 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Andrew BayerUnder Pressure (Andrew Bayer & Farius Remix)
00:05:54Above & BeyondSpin Off
00:11:19DJ Misjah, DJ TomAccess (Joris Voorn Remix)
00:15:40Above & BeyondWasp
00:19:59DJ BoringBeautiful Strangers
00:25:02JESLove My Way (Craig Connelly Remix)
00:30:43Trance WaxAdeya
00:34:19DriftmoonHeart Collider
00:38:30Talla 2XLCEnigma
00:43:12TechnikalCubik (District5 Dirty Remix)
00:48:16Greg DowneyZenith
00:58:23Alex M.O.R.P.H.Paradise
01:02:27Artena, Direct DriveOrbital
01:07:32Mark SherrySpace People
01:12:33James DymondStrikefast
01:18:23Chris Jennings, Kenny PalmerNerve
01:22:16Paul Clark, Renegade SystemCharlie Loves It
01:26:11Emma Hewitt, XiJaro & PitchEverlasting
01:31:06SolarstoneHope (Cold Blue Remix)
01:35:27Maria HealyFrom Here
01:40:48Cari, SneijderYou Take My Breath Away
01:45:10Angelus, JSKA, Liam MellyUnbroken
01:50:11Renegade SystemSome Day
01:54:04Tara Greene, Will ReesSpiralling
01:58:54Raz Nitzan, Sue McLarenPeace
02:03:55Lukas MeunierDie Energie
02:08:13Ben NickyThank You

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