Lunch Trance – 2023-06-20 – Newsflash

Oh my, what a bloody disaster this show was.

So, the room I’m currently working out of is currently being rearranged because my wife does a lot of work from home and she doesn’t want to do that on the dining table in the living room anymore so she got us new desks (standing desks, even!) and now we have to put them somewhere! That led to many cables being disconnected, and long story short, I nearly didn’t manage to get them all reconnected correctly in time for the show.

I did manage to connect most of them properly but other things fell a bit short; prep time for the new songs was at a minimum and as a result of that the first two tracks were being played at -15% which in a track with vocals is almost painful. I changed tempos up and down quite vehemently before the third track or so was finally back at where it should be… so I guess it’s almost a mercy that I forgot to press the record button so that these shameful moments will only live in my memory and the memories of those who witnessed the massacre live on stream but they will never have to be shared by anybody else. “Glück im Unglück,” as we Germans say.

While a recording would be nice, I can still tell you about my Favourite of the Week! There were a bunch of nice tracks, e.g. by Chris Jennings & Kenny Palmer (“Nerve,” a close 2nd place for me this week), Solarstone’s “Solarcoaster” was remixed quite nicely by Maarten de Jong, District5’s Dirty Remix by Technikal’s “Cubik” still kicks, and Andrew Bayer’s & Farius’s remix of Andrew’s own “Under Pressure” was lovely as well. This one managed to take the cake, though:

“Rattlesnake” by Audorn. Well done!

Anyway. Next week’s show is hopefully going to be on Wednesday again (as it should be) but maybe it will have to be pushed to Thursday. We’re going on vacation tomorrow and will only come back next week on Tuesday, and then we’ll immediately begin ripping this room apart for some deep cleaning (because it’s necessary) and recabling and rearranging and reeverything to make it exactly as nice as we want it to be. Until then, have a good week!

You cannot download the show anywhere, but this is the playlist:

00:00:00Ciaran McAuley, Susie LedgeYou’re Never Alone (Uplifting Mix)
00:06:19Trance WaxAdeya
00:10:23Andrew Bayer, OlanUnder Pressure (Andrew Bayer & Farius Remix)
00:14:13ArtyZara (ALPHA 9 Mix)
00:27:28Alan Morris, Sarah LynnTake Me on a Journey
00:32:03Mhammed El AlamiHealing
00:36:39Chris ElementPebbles
00:41:55CoulsonA New Dawn
00:47:02SolarstoneSolarcoaster (Maarten de Jong Remix)
00:50:19Peetu SPiranha
00:54:17Maria HealyFrom Here
00:59:45Renegade SystemSome Day
01:03:45Conor HolohanPhysical Universe
01:08:19Raz Nitzan, Sue McLarenPeace
01:12:28Lukas MeunierDie Energie
01:17:04Ash Pearson, Ben NickyThank You
01:20:01JESLove My Way (Craig Connelly Remix)
01:25:28Exolight, Frank Waanders, SuncatcherWatermelon
01:29:37Talla 2XLCEnigma
01:33:42TechnikalCubik (District5 Dirty Remix)
01:38:47Dominant Space, Jennifer SumireSpread Your Wings (Sam Laxton Remix)
01:43:06Artena, Direct DriveOrbital
01:48:10Greg DowneyZenith
01:53:39Alex M.O.R.P.H.Paradise
01:57:44Stoneface & TerminalMoonrise
02:06:14Chris Jennings, Kenny PalmerNerve

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