Lunch Trance – 2023-06-28 – Newsflash

This week’s show went way better than last week’s; the tracks had been analyzed correctly, I pressed the ⏺ button, the second camera was back in the game, and I got to show off my new DJ table thingy. It has the perfect height, it’s way more stable than the scratching post and I discovered that the scratching post quite lived up to its name by scratching the underside of the DJ console. Screw that screw!

I also changed the setup a tiny little bit; previously the main output signal of the console (i.e. what you have been listening to) went into the mixer using two dedicated audio cables but as I was changing things around anyway and packing all of the tech for the DJ setup into a box and I had another Dante audio adapter lying around, I decided to put it into the box as well which gave me another two channels I could simply have available in my mixer without messing around with long cables going through half the room. Definitely an improvement!

And then we had a whole bunch of great new tracks! We heard a remix by Aly & Fila of “Leben… I Feel You” by Schiller & Heppner, David Forbes gaves us “Dreamstate,” we had another classic remixed with “Fine Day” by DubVision, two more tracks with male vocalists (Gid Sedgwick & Roman Messer’s “This Is Real”, remixed by Christopher Corrigan, and Giuseppe Ottaviani & Richard Walters’ “Keep You Safe”, remixed by Cold Blue), the new project of Nitrous Oxide and Simon Gregory called Digital Drift contributed their “Tension,” and Daxson finally turned everything up to 11 with my Favourite of the Week, “Before It’s Lost:”

And because I didn’t fuck up the recording, here is your chance to listen to it all again:

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Crowd+Ctrl, Jess Ball, Super8 & TabIncomplete
00:05:20Kyau & AlbertOtherworld
00:09:08Julie Thompson, Sean TyasCycles
00:13:16Digital DriftTension
00:17:58ArtyZara (ALPHA 9 Remix)
00:23:04DubVisionFine Day
00:34:44Marc van Linden, Paul van Dyk, Sue McLarenBeautiful Life (Shine Ibiza Anthem 2023)
00:40:39Alan Morris, Sarah LynnTake Me on a Journey
00:45:43Mhammed El AlamiHealing
00:49:27David ForbesDreamstate
00:53:36Ciaran McAuley, Susie LedgeYou’re Never Alone (Uplifting Mix)
00:58:16CoulsonA New Dawn
01:03:19SolarstoneSolarcoaster (Maarten de Jong Remix)
01:06:38Ava Silver, XiJaro & PitchHeart
01:11:40Daniel SkyverLyra
01:16:41Metta & Glyde, Yoshi & RaznerConnecting Minds
01:22:15Peetu SPiranha
01:27:29Paul Denton, SneijderSpeaker Freaker
01:31:40DaxsonBefore It’s Lost
01:36:03BKXTC Nation
01:41:30Dominant Space, Jennifer SumireSpread Your Wings (Sam Laxton Remix)
01:45:52Gid Sedgwick, Roman MesserThis Is Real (Christopher Corrigan Remix)
01:51:21Andrew Rayel, JESFrom This Day on (Ben Gold Remix)
01:56:23Stoneface & TerminalMoonrise
02:01:52Peter Heppner, SchillerLeben… I Feel You (Aly & Fila Remix)
02:08:48John O’Callaghan, Sinead McCarthy, Tom ColontonioReality
02:13:47Giuseppe Ottaviani, Richard WaltersKeep You Safe (Cold Blue Remix)

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