Lunch Trance – 2023-08-02 – Newsflash

Another month has gone by, just like that, and setting up this show with the current equipment is getting more and more relaxed even though I was cutting it awfully close today. Everything worked out perfectly, though, with not a minute to spare!

I’m still a bit exhausted from last weekend’s Evoke so I’mma make it short: This week’s Favourite of the Week is “DivAs” by Artento Divini and Davey Asprey (also known as A.D.D.A.) and onTune.

And in case you agree (or don’t!), here’s the complete show to listen to:

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Boom Jinx, Einar K, Nitrous Oxide, Vintage & MorelliBreathing (David Broaders Remix)
00:04:46Kennedy One, Shelley HarlandAll There Is (Spada Remix)
00:08:31DIM3NSION, Sean TyasArise
00:13:42Alex Sonata & TheRioMantra
00:17:25RRAW!Release Yourself (RRAW! Mix)
00:21:04A.D.D.A., onTuneDivAs
00:24:37Steve DekayBlack Magic
00:27:44XiJaro & PitchOver the Moon
00:32:36Darren PorterUprising
00:37:43The Noble SixThe Color out of Space
00:43:44Cold BlueDance of the Giraffes
00:48:35Airwalk3r, Roman MesserI Turn to You
00:52:26Factor BSacrosanct (Will Rees Remix)
00:57:31Amos & Riot Night, Daniel KandiFinally Able
01:06:38Mike KoglinThe Silence (AstroFegs Remix)
01:11:42Andrea RibecaThey Come into My Head
01:15:41AA MeetingFly
01:20:57Maria HealyMidnight Oil
01:25:57MiyukiFever Dream
01:29:22Connor WoodfordDrifting Point
01:33:56AngelusHeart Medicine
01:36:55MurZoKiss the Night
01:42:26Ben HemsleyIBIZA
01:45:35Ben GoldRest of Our Lives (Paul Webster Remix)

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