Lunch Trance – 2023-12-13 – Newsflash

How does that even work, that every week there are so many good tracks to play? Where do all these tracks come from? Why are there still people around who manage to create awesome tracks, apparently week after week after week after week? I have no idea how that even works… but I’ll accept it.

The show started off great with a couple of vocal tracks, e.g. the Genix remix by OceanLab’s “Beautiful Together,” Alex Sonata & TheRio released “Drifting Light,” we heard “Radiant” again (by David Frank, Farius, and Ruben de Ronde), and we got a recap of Above & Beyond’s own remix of OceanLab’s “Satellite,” for good measure. 😄

Another very good vocal track followed a bit later, Christopher Corrigan’s remix of “Stay” by Jennifer Rene and SMR LVE, and Armour by Audrey Gallagher and Ciaran McAuley (remixed by David Forbes) doesn’t have to hide, either.

But there were also very good tracks without vocals (how is that even possible?!), such as Doppenberg’s “After All These Years,” Fiji by Atlantis and remixed by Allan Morrow, the Asteroid remix of Stoneface & Terminal’s “North Cape,” the Will Rees remix of “Come Closer” by Blue Serigala, and… you know what? Just listen to the damn show. 😄

As the Favourite of the Week I have picked this track: “Everything Is Energy” by Metta & Glyde. It was already very good last week, and it didn’t lose any of that.

So, now it’s your turn, listen to the show, and maybe tell me which tracks you liked? 👉👈

I will be back next week at the usual spot, Wednesday, December 20, 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00OceanLabBeautiful Together (Genix Mix)
00:05:32Alex Sonata & TheRioDrifting Light
00:10:04David Frank, Farius, Ruben de RondeRadiant
00:14:26OceanLabSatellite (Above & Beyond’s 2023 Progressive Mix)
00:18:34Alex Sonata & TheRioNight Drive
00:22:18DJs from Mars, Hardwell, TomcraftLoneliness
00:24:52NikolaussRhythm of the Universe
00:30:50Kym Ayres, Leigh GreenHeads Will Roll
00:36:30Jennifer Rene, SMR LVEStay (Christopher Corrigan Remix)
00:42:25Lock ’n LoadBlow Ya Mind (DJ Daddy Trance Remix)
00:46:18No/Me, Noizu, WestendPush to Start (t e s t p r e s s Remix)
00:49:57DoppenbergAfter All These Years
00:54:43Northern StormStarburst
00:59:19Mark SherryLosing My Mind
01:03:40AmazingblazeIt Happened Again
01:08:44Peter SteeleForever
01:13:44AmazingblazeStrange Candy
01:19:05AtlantisFiji (Allan Morrow Mix)
01:25:10GentechMake My Body Move
01:29:48Stoneface & TerminalNorth Cape (Asteroid Remix)
01:35:45Talla 2XLCJourney’s End
01:40:45Allen & Envy, VictoriyaDon’t Say (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
01:46:36Metta & GlydeEverything Is Energy
01:52:03Audrey Gallagher, Ciaran McAuleyArmour (David Forbes Remix)
02:00:19Blue SerigalaCome Closer (Will Rees Remix)
02:04:40Christian SmithSleeptalker (Victor Ruiz Remix)
02:09:42Andrew PetersPeripheral
02:15:02Paul DentonGlobal Consciousness

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