Lunch Trance – 2024-05-01 – Newsflash

New May, who dis?

Still me! 🥳

It’s been Labour Day here in Germany today so everyone had a day off work and oh boy, I really had to remind myself about once per hour that I still need to do a show tonight… 😄

I managed to not forget, though, and all the preparation was finished in time. What I didn’t account for was the weather: first day with 25 °C, and apparently my encoding machine doesn’t like that. Not. One. Bit.

Of course OBS wouldn’t show that; frame rendering time was a measly 2.2 seconds, the number of dropped frames was a consistent 0, and still, the shader did very much not play at 60 fps. Fuck you, OBS! 😡

So, yeah, I have to find a solution to keep the machine a bit cooler than today. I’m really surprised that it’s actually a problem because I have that machine since April last year, so it already spent a whole summer right where it is now, and I can’t remember it being this bad last year. Can you? Anyway, I have to fix that.

What you have to fix is your lack of knowledge of all the great tracks that I played. The best way to do that is to hit that Play button on the nifty Mixcloud widget below, or by downloading the show from the link below. And you may also want to give a real good listen to the Favourite of the Week™: the C-Systems remix of “Am I On Your Mind” by Oxygen and Andrea Britton!

And this is the place where you can listen to the show again:

The next show will be on Wednesday, May 8, at 19:00 CEST/UTC+2.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00BT, Shingo NakamuraLifeforce
00:04:46Exolight, SuncatcherOn the Run (Nümind Remix)
00:09:02Clap Codex, D72Take Control
00:14:04Gabriel & DresdenKinetic Cinema
00:23:05Alex Sonata & TheRio, EquinøxHalcyon
00:26:11Ralf Hildenbeutel, Sven VäthL’Esperanza (Hardspace Mix)
00:30:14Alex Di StefanoIn My Mind
00:33:40Drunken KongHigher State
00:37:33Ginchy, Laura van DamSave Me
00:41:05Andrea Britton, OxygenAm I On Your Mind (C-Systems Remix)
00:44:21Lange, SkyeDrifting Away (Alessandra Roncone Remix)
00:53:03MaddixHeute Nacht
00:56:15S.H.O.K.K.Folie Á Deux (Lab4 & AlexMo Remix)
01:02:48Andrea RibecaThalassa
01:07:51Adara, XiJaro & PitchGoodbye
01:12:00Cherrymoon TraxThe House Of House (1994 Remix by Thomas Schumacher)
01:16:07Stoneface & TerminalOceanflow
01:21:23Alexander Popov, Simon & PhilRise Again
01:24:48LUSUReady 4 The Bass
01:28:42Ducamp, HouseWerk, T78Rave Nation
01:32:36Armin van Buuren, HI-LONow Love Will Begin
01:36:17SneijderVoyager (Niall McKeever Remix)
01:45:52Maarten De JongZillion
01:49:09Joint Operations CentreTimelapse
01:53:42Robbie SeedTouch Of Memory
01:58:17Anna Tur, Metodi HristovSubliminal
02:01:43Technohead, Thomas SchumacherThe Passion 2024
02:05:30Tales Of LifeWritten In The Stars
02:10:06Jerzyk, Robbie GrahamIllusion
02:16:02Allen WattsElevate

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