Lunch Trance – 2022-11-23 – Top of the Week

It wouldn’t be Lunch Trance if everything worked, right?

Yesterday I noticed that the Windows MacBook was starting again, like nothing ever happened. I don’t want to say that I was ecstatic but due to performance reasons I would like to keep using it because on macOS OBS for some reason is unbearably slow. (And it crashes if you try to connect it to your Twitch account.)

However, I did like all the new background videos and the programming I did around that so I copied that all over to the Windows machine and set up OBS. Still looks nice!

Tonight I sat down, started the Windows machine again and did a test stream. 1080p60, almost sub-1 millisecond frame rendering times, just like one would expect from video material that is basically almost free to render.

I let it run a bit and went into the kitchen to feed the cats.

By the way, the new cat gets more and more cuddly which is awesome! 😻 However, there’s still some tension between the old and the new cat; they’re getting closer to each other all the time but they both are still wary of the other one. Time will fix that, I’m sure!

Anyway, I also fixed myself some little dinner snack and then came back to the Windows machine and immediately felt like breaking things, many things, and with lots of force. The encoder was suddenly dropping everything it was handed!

I checked the configuration and noticed that OBS wasn’t using the usual encoder anymore; instead of the Intel H264 Hardware Encoder it was using the AMD H264 Hardware Encoder. Theoretically I don’t really care which one it uses as long as it works but what was worrying was that the Intel encoder didn’t even show up in the list anymore… which means more debugging, probably somewhere around the EFI area of the MacBook. Not looking forward to that.

In the meantime the macOS machine was a viable backup solution so I fired that up again and while that one was still dropping 10% of the frames because of rendering lag, it did manage to hardware-encode the stream and send it out to the world where you were then able to watch it and listen to it. Amazing! 🎉

During my show I did get a raid by Pisces1, thank you very much for that! ❤

Next week a show may or may not happen as my wife and I will be vacationing at the Baltic Sea once more. I don’t yet know how much stuff I want to take with me so I guess I’ll decide that on Sunday when it’s time to pack. 😀

There will, however, definitely be a show on Wednesday, December 7, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Sunny LaxDance with Me
00:06:10KhoMha, Markus SchulzTake Me
00:09:43ALPHA 9, Jonathan MendelsohnDown to Love
00:12:19FariusComing Up (Hold On)
00:20:48Sunny LaxEmerald
00:24:53Nicholas Gunn, Raeya, Richard DurandNot Afraid
00:29:48HALIENEUnderneath My Skin (Nifra Remix)
00:33:10Peetu SHalloween
00:37:55Fisher, George AcostaTrue Love (Billy Gillies Remix)
00:42:19LangeGod Loves the Truth (Club Mix)
00:47:08Pierre Pienaar, That GirlHome
00:51:04Darren BestReflections
00:55:55Elevven, Sarah MarkShallow (Daniel Kandi Remix)
00:59:37John AskewPeople Are Strange
01:04:12Paul SkeltonFarewell For Now
01:09:44Ahmed RomelSerene
01:15:01Kenny McAuleyDreamworld
01:19:11Simon PattersonVoodoo
01:23:20Billy HendrixBody Shine (Will Rees Remix)
01:28:49Ciaran McAuley, Jeff Rona, Lisa GerrardOn an Ocean
01:33:26Ralphie BMassive (Steve Dekay Remix)
01:37:02Alex M.O.R.P.H., Rene AblazeTulum
01:41:40Talla 2XLCCan You Feel the Silence Reloaded
01:46:13Peter Steele, Theia VeeSanctified
01:51:21BiXX, Christina NovelliPutting out Fires
01:56:06Arctic Moon, Jessica LawrenceLike the Sun (XiJaro & Pitch Remix)
02:01:49BTFlaming June (Dan Thompson Remix)
02:06:24SusanaThe Dark Side of the Moon (Stoneface & Terminal Dark Mix)
02:11:29Mark SherryThe Release
02:15:57Factor BInnerspace (Club Mix)
02:21:19Kenny PalmerBelieve You Can
02:27:18Spy, YelowThe Force
02:31:19Smith & BrownTardus
02:35:40Frank Waanders, Ralphie BFata Morgana

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