Lunch Trance – 2022-12-07 – Top of the Week

So… the Windows MacBook… you know what, let’s just not talk about it. 🤦

Okay. So… last week! Oh yes, I was on vacation. My wife and I rented a small house at the Baltic Sea (like, literally 150 meters from the beach) and spent a couple of days doing pretty much… nothing, and a lot of it. It was great! We lay around on the couch, watched some TV, ordered pizza, did a bit of shopping, ate more snacks, fed about a thousand birds (like sparrows, magpies, and blue tits) on the terrace (there was a never-ending stream of them, it was great to watch), played some games, did more nothing, it was amazing. I’m already looking forward to the next vacation!

I couldn’t be bothered to take any DJing or streaming equipment so you had to take your Wednesday night into your own hands but I’m sure you’ve managed! However, this meant that this week I had a little bit of a backlog so I changed the program slightly to match my needs: today (with one or two exceptions) I only played tracks that were new entries, either in this week or in the last week. All to make sure you don’t miss any great tracks!

Next week I will returned to the regularly scheduled program, and that will happen on Wednesday, December 14, at 🕖 19:00 CET/UTC+1.

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00This CultureYour Love
00:04:55Lewyn, SØNINWaterfall
00:08:18Jordan Gill, OovationAer
00:13:48Arty, Tania ZygarThe Wall (Elevven 2022 Remode)
00:18:36Matt FaxMirage
00:23:33Matt FaxHalcyon
00:27:50Rub!kVoices from Earth
00:31:44M.I.K.E. PushYou’ll Find a Way
00:35:41Anita Kelsey, First StateFalling (Craig Connelly Remix)
00:41:27Airwalk3r, NoMosk, Roman MesserYour Eyes
00:45:41Ashley Wallbridge, That GirlNothing’s Impossible
00:48:54Andrew Rayel, Jimmy Chou, Robbie Seed, That GirlI Wish
00:53:51Audrey Gallagher, Cold BlueBroken Things
00:58:55Lyd14, PaipyWarrior
01:03:25Sunny LaxDance with Me
01:07:28David ForbesExposure
01:11:57Chris ElementDecade
01:17:05Fisherman, NifraPassion
01:21:02Clara Yates, Richard DurandMillion Stars
01:25:53Ralphie BMassive (Steve Dekay Remix)
01:29:25Allen WattsIntuition
01:34:10TassoAttrition (Paul Denton Remix)
01:38:350Gravity, Lucas DeyongTrauma
01:42:25Alan MorrisEsperanza
01:46:48Allen WattsAvalon
01:50:46Alessandra Roncone, RinalyCorpi Celesti (Haikal Ahman & Vision X Remix)
01:55:27Cari, James DymondMillion Stars
02:00:37Alex Di Stefano, Mark SherryEveryone Is Looking For Us (Metta & Glyde Remix)
02:10:38Jak AggasRogue One

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