Lunch Trance – 2023-10-03 – Newsflash

This week’s show was two shows in one, a Double Feature! As I was on vacation last week (and it was glorious), and as we have a company-wide audit on Wednesday and Thursday (with no telling how long I have to stay in the evening), and as there is a national holiday today, I decided to pack up all those tunes into a nice, extra-long show! And because I didn’t want to clash with lug00ber’s Tueday show I started right at lunch! Finally, after all this time, we had some decent Lunch Trance again! 🥳

And other people noticed it as well! The Panda™ himself, liquid_bongo, raided me and brought about 50 viewers! Thanks, mate, it’s really been a long time since we were playing at around the same time! ❤

Of course, the only one unwilling to play would be the Windows machine. It lost its network connection once (but managed to bounce back) and then it decided to spontaneously reboot. I might take a look at the Event Viewer later to see if I can find anything that maybe I can change to stop it from doing that.

Okay, so, two week’s worth of show, all rolled into one. Does that mean I finally get to pick two Favourites of the Week? I have decided that yes, it does. 😀

And there were a whole bunch of nice tracks in there! Aaron Hibell brought us “Destroyer of Worlds,” Metta & Glyde contributed “Celestia” to the show, and BiXX and Natalie Gioia smashed it out of the park with “Beautiful Chaos,” and there was a new Maddix remix by an Armin van Buuren track, there was a new John Askew, and a John O’Callaghan, and Maarten de Jong, and Allen Watts… okay, apparently, picking two tracks is not easier than picking one! 😂

Anyway! So, last week’s Favourite of the week would be this one: “For All Time,” the Suanda 400 Anthem by Roman Messer! ❤

And for this week I’m picking this one: Modeā and Victor Ruiz with “Contrast.” What a banger!

So, there will not be a show tomorrow but I will be back next week, on the regular day, which is the Wednesday, at the regular time, which is 19:00 CEST/UTC+2. And until then you can listen to the recording!

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Lunch Trance – 2023-09-20 – Newsflash

Oh boy, rarely have I been so excited to play a show as I have been this week, after having finished the excruciating work on my overlay tool in order to bring you a new feature: cover art! 🥳

I used to type artist and title information by hand but now that cover art URLs have joined the fray, that is growing to be quite impractical; those URLs are long and unwieldy. I created a “crate” section in my admin interface where I could import all the records I plan to play (e.g. a JSON snippet generated by my chart generation tool) which would then allow me with the push of a button to transfer the data over to the text fields that are used to send the data to the backend, updating the overlay. I have to report that this worked flawlessly and without a single issue, except for my muscle memory… you see, I had to change the layout a bit to make it fit on the screen I’m using while playing and now everything is in the wrong location… 😄

However, absolutely in the right location was mayor — after his raid! Thank you very much, mate, and it was a pity that we didn’t get to meet in Bremen at Nordlicht!

So, let’s see what I have picked as Favourite of the Week tonight… last week’s Favourite was still a banger this week and we have a couple of new tracks entering the race! There was “Beachbreeze (Remember the Summer)” by Jan Johnston, Svenson & Gielen, remixed by David Forbes, and a new track by 0Gravity and Lucas Deyong named “Kamehameha,” and then there was “A Moment of Melancholy” by HIGHLANDR and remixed by Cold Blue, and there was Emma Hewitt’s and Roman Messer’s “Fallen” which I still like very much, and you can already see this isn’t easy, and then there was also “Rapture” by Asteroid (which I already mentioned last week), but I think this week’s Favourite of the Week absolutely has to be this track by Hel:sløwed and Amber Revival: “If You Only Knew.”

Luckily I pressed the 🔴 button about 10 seconds before the show started so you can now enjoy the show again right here. And be sure to make it last because there won’t be a show next week (as I will be on vacation) but maybe I’ll squeeze in an extra show when I’m back because there’s a national holiday coming up on October 3rd. Let’s see!

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Lunch Trance – 2023-09-13 – Newsflash

Another Wednesday, another show! Setup was hassle-free, and the show itself went by without any issues. Exactly how I like it. 🙂

And we had a bunch of lovely tracks tonight! Asteroid have a new single out, called “Rapture,” and it’s the bee’s knees! Ilan Bluestone has released his take on Chicane’s “Saltwater” (with the lovely voice of Moya Brennan), The Blizzward’s “Kalopsia” as remixed by Matt Fax is a wonderful track, and Kenny McAuley gave us “Open Your Mind.” (I tried to find out whether Kenny and Ciaran are related but Discogs have a new homepage which is bordering on unusable so I still don’t know.) However, this week’s Favourite of the Week has to go to Fisherman’s remix of Ferry Corsten’s and Giuseppe Ottaviani’s “Magenta!” What an absolute banger!

And as usual there are many more tracks, you just have to listen to them:

The next show is going to be next week, on Wednesday, the 20th of September, at 19:00 CEST.

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Lunch Trance – 2023-09-06 – Newsflash

If today’s show had a title (other than “Newsflash”), it would be “Lurk Central.” All of today’s conversation fit on a single screen. I loved it! ❤

The other thing I love is summer even though I kind of hate the heat. I still prefer summer over every other season. Fight me! 😄

Anyway, it’s too warm to wrangle many words out of myself so let’s get straight on with it: The Favourite of the Week is — of course — Richard Bedf—wait. I can’t pick him twice, can I? [checks notes] hmm… [consults the law] well, it doesn’t actually say anything about this… [talks to forest spirits] alright, okay then. So, the spirits say that even though I totally could do that, I really shouldn’t. And maybe they are right… so, this week’s Favourite of the Week is this track:

Listen to it and all the others right here:

The next show is going to be next week, on Wednesday, the 13th of September, at 19:00 CEST.

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Lunch Trance – 2023-08-30 – Newsflash

Yes, yes! That groove! That 🔴! 🥳

So, yes, today you will once again be able to verify all my claims about how good the songs were! And indeed we had a couple of nice tracks again, including a new Bedford™! ❤ Oops, did I just give away the Favourite of the Week?

Other tracks I liked that you should most definitely check out are “Reinvigorate” by Jon Mangan, “Are You Not Entertained?” by B.E.A.R and Bryn Whiting, Allen Watts’s “Spectral” was also almost incredibly good, as was “Blitzar” by NrgMind, and then I also liked Mike Van Fabio’s “Entity.” However – and let’s be honest here — nothing beats The Bedford™, especially not when teamed up with Roman Messer and remixed by Alex M.O.R.P.H. ❤

In other news (and rants) I started working on my OBS overlay tool again, and while JavaScript (well, its ecosystem mostly) is still driving me nuts, I have a number of ideas that I will be working on in the next weeks, I think… some things will make my life easier, and something will make your experience a bit better, I hope. But, we’ll see!

I’m also thinking about what to do with the show at the end of September that I’m not going to be able to play (because I’ll be on vacation again)… there’s a national holiday following my vacation and if the weather is nice, who knows, maybe I’ll take the new setup outside? I guess the weather will have a rather large say in this… 😄

Anyway, the next show is going to be next week, on Wednesday, the 6th of September, at 19:00 CEST! Don’t miss it!

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Lunch Trance – 2023-08-23 – Newsflash

So… as I’m getting more and more into the groove of setting things up, some old habits are creeping back in: I have once again forgotten to hit that 🔴 button! 😢

Which means that I can only tell you about the nice tracks I have played for you today and you have (almost) no way of making sure I’m actually telling the truth! 😄

The only way to verify the niceness of all the tracks I played is now the playlist, and while the setup and the show itself ran flawlessly (well, almost, the Browser source for the overlay froze once — it has never done that before), the real kicker came after the show when I wanted to prepare this blog post: somebody over at decided that the “html” output formatter was now considered an “extra” feature that had to be enabled during the build and the Homebrew people are apparently not considering these extra features worthy of their energy so I suddenly found myself unable to create the playlist table! My initial reaction was 😠, followed by 😡, and then I simply went to bed. This morning I whipped up 10 lines of shell script that will probably do that job from now on… or maybe I’ll integrate it into my playlist export? 🤔 I’ll figure something out!

Anyway. This week’s Favourite of the Week was already with us last week — and it was already mentioned as a contender for the Favourite of the Week — and as none of the new tracks made a comparable impression on me this week, I still get to pick it! This week’s Favourite of the Week, dear listeners and readers: Andrew Beyer, Gabriel & Dresden, and Sub Teal’s “Other Eye!” ❤

Unfortunately you cannot download the show anywhere but you may take a peek at the playlist:

00:00:00SolarstoneSeven Cities (DIM3NSION & DJ Nano Remix)
00:06:16D.O.DSo Much in Love (Armin van Buuren Remix)
00:10:17Ilan Bluestone, Oliver SmithBlue Eagle
00:14:44Andrew Beyer, Gabriel & Dresden, Sub TealOther Eye
00:20:18Energy 52Cafe Del Mar (Cosmic Boys Remix)
00:24:37Chakra, The Space BrothersI Am (atDusk Remix)
00:29:10Jean Luc, Nick JayAyla 2023
00:31:47Ben GoldLlévame A La Playa (Ciaran McAuley Remix)
00:36:33James DymondLayan Bay
00:42:19Tony De VitThe Dawn (Mark Sherry Remix)
00:48:20Armin van BuurenSpace Case
00:52:16Cold BluePath Control
00:58:19DriftmoonFeel the Waves
01:02:27Allen WattsSpectral
01:06:48Dash Berlin, DubVision, Emma HewittTime After Time (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
01:08:48LostlyThat Next Place
01:12:31Mark SherryTriquetra (Peetu S Remix)
01:17:19Tony De VitDon’t Ever Stop (BK Remix)
01:22:21Stoneface & TerminalAccess
01:26:10DJ Sakin, Talla 2XLCNomansland (David’s Song)
01:31:00Tom ExoBright Star
01:35:35Pete DeleteSapo (Find the Frog)
01:40:01Craig ConnellyNathan’s Song
01:46:12AsteroidFlow State
01:51:43Falling Off Maps, Simon PattersonThe Neon Cross
01:56:28Ana Criado, Raz NitzanMeet Again (Ferry Tayle Mix)
02:00:49LostlyAs You Leave
02:04:26Marty Cassidy, Renegade SystemBuck Wine
02:08:07Andy NewtzWhen It’s Time
02:12:45B-Stylezz, Le ShuukKonje
02:15:41Paul DentonCurtain Twitcher

Lunch Trance – 2023-08-16 – Newsflash

Setup was relaxed, the Windows machine did not misbehave, and the show started off with a number of real bangers! At some point some people even got a conversation going that lasted until the end of the show! 😍

I do have quite some trouble picking a Favourite of the Week today… and there’s a lot of choices! I loved “A Trillion Suns” by Daniel Skyver, the new single “Other Eye” by Gabriel & Dresden, Andrew Beyer, and the lovely voice of Sub Teal is just ❤, and then there also was “Flow State” by Asteroid which caught my eye ear. In the end I settled for this track, and not only because of the memories that connect me (and apparently other people who were watching today ❤) to Nitrous Oxide which were one of the first trance producers that made a long-lasting impression on me (“North Pole” is still one of my most favourite tracks of, like, ever): “Naga Viper” by Nitrous Oxide and Boom Jinx. Love it!

I’m sure you will agree once you listen to it:
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Lunch Trance – 2023-08-09 – Newsflash

Today’s show was foreshadowed by a bluescreen during setup, and that’s not a good sign. And indeed, the Windows PC spontaneously decided to reboot in the middle of the show. How could I ever expect shit to simply work? 🤷

And then it was also the shortest episode of my show that I can remember, not even 90 minutes! The charts are really moving slow this week, eh?

Anyway. I do have a Favourite of the Week to tell you about. It’s a lovely track that goes by the name of “Exactly,” it has been created by John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney, and Sam WOLFE did a wonderful remix of it!

As usual, you don’t have to believe me, you can verify everything I said right here:

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Lunch Trance – 2023-08-02 – Newsflash

Another month has gone by, just like that, and setting up this show with the current equipment is getting more and more relaxed even though I was cutting it awfully close today. Everything worked out perfectly, though, with not a minute to spare!

I’m still a bit exhausted from last weekend’s Evoke so I’mma make it short: This week’s Favourite of the Week is “DivAs” by Artento Divini and Davey Asprey (also known as A.D.D.A.) and onTune.

And in case you agree (or don’t!), here’s the complete show to listen to:

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Lunch Trance – 2023-07-26 – Newsflash

Alright, this week’s setup and show were actually rather uneventful. I had zero stress when preparing the show, zero stress while setting up, I didn’t forget a single thing (even though I felt like I did), and during the show? Zero stress! I could get used to that… 😃

So now the only trouble I have is that I have to pick a Favourite of the Week and once again it’s not easy. I still like “Futuro” by Giuseppe Ottaviani and Ilan Bluestone, “Mirrored Soul” by Metta & Glyde is great as well, and then I was also quite smitten with “Hit Me” by Shugz so I guess it’s the Favourite of the Week now. 😁

As usual, please don’t rely on my judgment, there may be many more tracks you actually like more than I do! 😄

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