Lunch Trance – 2021-03-24 – Top of the Week

Oh well, this took a while… my setup still isn’t what I’d like it to be but this morning I just couldn’t bear it any longer, I just had to play! So I weaseled my way through all the various hardware and software issues (and believe me, there were a lot, I haven’t cursed this much in a while) and got a setup running that at least enabled me to do this show. It is an old show, though, I prepared this show shortly after my setup broke so these are the charts of week 6 of 2021.

I have no idea when I will be playing the next show, and there’s still all this job search thingy going on as well so don’t hold your breath.

→ Download and Playlist

Lunch Trance – 2021-02-05 – Top of the Week

Things have been… unusual this week, due to my being on the search for new employment. First this show was moved to monday evening, then it was moved to tuesday evening, and then I finally played it on friday – even though that was supposed to be a Top of the Month show.

And next week will see a change or two as well: I will play the next Top of the Week show on monday, as per usual, at 11:00 UTC+1/CET. On friday I will be playing the Top of the Month show but as it will be a warmup stream for the OMZG MOLVANIAN DEMOSCENEPARTY STREAM it will start later, at 18:00 UTC+1/CET.

→ Download and Playlist

Lunch Trance – 2021-01-10 – Top of the Month

So, funny thing, I did play the Top of the Month show on sunday night but something (I’m looking at you, Traktor) seems to have fucked up the recording, there’s a file missing. 😢 So, unless you were one the five persons watching the set live you will never hear it. Which is a pity because it was great.

Anyway, there will be a next Top of the Month next month and it will be using the same format, i.e. a selection of the Top 100 of January 2021 but not played as countdown to the first place but in a real mix. I’m looking forward to it!