Lunch Trance – 2023-12-30 – End of the Year

And there it finally is, the last show of the year. Also, the longest show of the year. And the longest show of all shows in the history of shows! Well, of my shows at least…

I took my track management tool, selected all tracks that I have added in 2023 and that have a ★★★★ or ★★★★★ rating, and put them into their own playlist, and there were 163 (one hundred and sixty-three) tracks in that playlist. The show lasted for a bit longer than 12 (twelve) hours, and my feet are a bit ouchy now.

After the show I started with all the post-show processing, and the first thing I do after starting the encoding of the MP3 is to get the playlist from my DJ tool. I switched to the browser tab, opened the “History” section and confidently pressed the “Reset” button, you know, the one with the trash can on it, because that reloads the playlist from the server.

Does that make sense? No. No, it does not. What does make sense, though, is that that button deletes the playlist from the server.

So… yeah. I have a recording but it will not have a playlist in it… yet. I will probably go through the whole file and manually extract the timestamps for all the tracks, but not today. (Edit: the timestamps have been fixed, both on Mixcloud and the playlist below.)

The next show is going to be a regular show again, the first show of the new year! Tune in on Wednesday, January 3rd, at 19:00 CET/UTC+1!

Download and Playlist →

Lunch Trance – 2020-12-18 – Bombe’s Birthday Bash

I decided to celebrate my 44th birthday with a big party on Twitch and oh my, it was epic. A 10-hour show including an incredible 2-hour psytrance guest mix by RbR (give them a follow), it started later than my usual shows and went till deep in the night.

The first highlight was just ten minutes in when I was raided by DJ cquence (follow them as well), one of The Australians™ which gave me an instant push over the 50-viewers mark. Thank you for that, DJ cquence!

Things suddenly exploded when about 4 hours in Darude decided to raid me, bringing over 400 of his viewers to my channel, many of which took the opportunity to follow me, pushing me over the 500-followers mark – that means you’ll get at least an extra show at some point. 😀

RbR’s guest mix was 2 hours of fantastic psytrance and a lovely picture of a cute little doll of SagaMusix. Thank you once again for giving me the chance to eat a pizza and rest my feet a little bit before continuing, RbR! 😁

I played for 4 more hours during which I was once again raided, this time by The Other Australian™ aka Panda Station™ aka liquid_bongo (follow them, that’s an order)! Thank you for that as well, my favourite panda. 🥰

After toning it down for a bit in the last 30 minutes I then took what was left of my viewership over to Dave Dresden (from Gabriel & Dresden) to enjoy soothing and mellow progressive trance vibes until it was time for bed.

Totally off to the side during the stream my wife created a painting of me doing my thang. Here is a first preview, and it’s amazing! 😍

Me playing for all the people on Twitch, according to my wife.

All in all it was an amazing event and I have no idea how it could have gone any better. Many friends, old and new alike, were there and chatted for a bit, a lot more were simply lurking (100% okay with me), and not a single ounce of bad vibes was to be found anywhere. Thank you all for making this birthday one of the most memorable of my life 🥰, even though I couldn’t actually hug any of you! 😢

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