Lunch Trance – 2021-03-24 – Top of the Week

Oh well, this took a while… my setup still isn’t what I’d like it to be but this morning I just couldn’t bear it any longer, I just had to play! So I weaseled my way through all the various hardware and software issues (and believe me, there were a lot, I haven’t cursed this much in a while) and got a setup running that at least enabled me to do this show. It is an old show, though, I prepared this show shortly after my setup broke so these are the charts of week 6 of 2021.

I have no idea when I will be playing the next show, and there’s still all this job search thingy going on as well so don’t hold your breath.

→ Download and Playlist

Lunch Trance – 2021-02-05 – Top of the Week

Things have been… unusual this week, due to my being on the search for new employment. First this show was moved to monday evening, then it was moved to tuesday evening, and then I finally played it on friday – even though that was supposed to be a Top of the Month show.

And next week will see a change or two as well: I will play the next Top of the Week show on monday, as per usual, at 11:00 UTC+1/CET. On friday I will be playing the Top of the Month show but as it will be a warmup stream for the OMZG MOLVANIAN DEMOSCENEPARTY STREAM it will start later, at 18:00 UTC+1/CET.

→ Download and Playlist

Lunch Trance – 2020-12-21 – Top of the Week

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Allen WattsHigh Voltage
00:03:45Ilan Bluestone, Jan BurtonRule the World
00:07:42Mario PiuCommunication (Indecent Noise pres. Raw Tech Audio Remix)
00:11:49Jan Johnston, TycoosThe Landslide
00:15:45Deirdre McLaughlin, Iain MEternally (Sneijder Remix)
00:19:12Corin BayleyLockdown
00:26:39Armin van Buuren, Jake ReeseNeed You Now (Allen Watts Remix)
00:30:04Ahmed Helmy, Cari, Roman MesserInfinity
00:34:15SusanaDark Side of the Moon (Ferry Tayle Mix)
00:38:39DJ TenMidnight Oil
00:45:48Alan Morris, Martin DrakeCatharsis (Cinematic Mix)
00:50:46Talla 2XLCDestiny
00:55:52Aly & Fila, PlumbSomebody Loves You
01:02:06Scot ProjectO (Overdrive) (Bryan Kearney Remix)
01:06:05Derek Mark, Hassan JewelLight in You
01:12:08System FOut Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
01:15:38CrampRU116 (Cramp 2020 Mix)
01:19:53Ashley Wallbridge, CVNT5, Gareth EmeryCVNT5 of the Caribbean
01:23:19Diana Miro, ProtocultureSeconds
01:26:55ALPHA 9, MuvyFriend
01:29:07Kenny PalmerKirin Tor
01:33:11Billy GilliesExpand
01:37:21Alessandra Roncone, Yoshi & RaznerFight for Life
01:41:30Johan Gielen, Marco VTimeless
01:45:58Au5, Dylan Matthew, TritonalHappy Where We Are (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
01:49:28XiJaro & PitchMina
01:53:38Andrew Rayel, Olivia SebastianelliEverything Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)
02:03:56Sam LaxtonWaiting for the Sun
02:07:38Adam TaylorLost in Paradise
02:12:31Art of TranceMadagascar (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
02:21:21Tenth PlanetGhosts (Darren Porter Remix)
02:26:57Andrea RibecaSonance
02:31:49WhiteLightKingdom of Illusions
02:35:56ALPHA 9Time Traveller
02:39:22Giuseppe OttavianiExplorer
02:43:26David Forbes, Susie LedgeSilent Waves
02:47:38Benjamin Duchenne, VictoriyaI Don’t Mind
02:51:32Maarten de JongEnergy Crash
02:55:42Kenny PalmerSen’jin
02:59:32Andrew Bayer, GenixThe Test
03:03:56HALIENE, MaRLoSay Hello (Darren Porter Remix)
03:08:38David ForbesRandomize
03:13:40Will AtkinsonRush
03:19:14ALPHA 9Stellar
03:22:53Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
03:26:40i_oCastles in the Sky

Lunch Trance – 2020-12-14 – Top of the Week

You can download the show here, and this is the playlist:

00:00:00Adam TaylorLost in Paradise
00:05:20Peter SteeleKarma (Sneijder Remix)
00:10:27Markus Schulz, HALIENETidal Wave (Daxson Remix)
00:14:37Scott MacDamager 02 (Binary Finary Remix)
00:18:47Billy GilliesPower (Shugz Remix)
00:22:54Andy DuguidBe
00:26:37Gid Sedgwick, Ilan BluestonePaid For Love
00:30:47Talla 2XLCDestiny
00:35:13SolarstoneSeven Cities (Tom Staar Remix)
00:41:54Rolo Green1984
00:46:06Kenny PalmerLordaeron (Club Mix)
00:50:40Paul Denton, Will ReesFluidity
00:59:44Alan Morris, Martin DrakeCatharsis (Club Mix)
01:04:27Kenny PalmerKirin Tor
01:08:51David Forbes, Paul DentonOut of Order
01:12:34Hugh TollandOne
01:16:47Johan Gielen, Marco VTimeless
01:20:40System FOut Of The Blue (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
01:25:10Tenth PlanetGhosts (Darren Porter Remix)
01:30:18Tempo GiustoThe Oasis
01:34:10Kenny PalmerTerokkar
01:38:13Scot ProjectO (Overdrive) (Bryan Kearney Remix)
01:42:09WhiteLightKingdom of Illusions
01:46:06Above & Beyond, Zoë JohnstonNo One On Earth (gardenstate Mix)
01:49:21Alan Morris, Martin DrakeCatharsis (Cinematic Mix)
01:54:04ElysianLittle Star (Maor Levi Mix)
01:58:37XiJaro & PitchMina
02:02:31SusanaDark Side of the Moon (Ferry Tayle Mix)
02:08:20Diana Miro, ProtocultureSeconds
02:11:48Rolo GreenComing Home
02:15:58Armin van Buuren, Jake ReeseNeed You Now (Allen Watts Remix)
02:20:16Allen WattsHigh Voltage
02:22:56CrampRU116 (Cramp 2020 Mix)
02:26:15Au5, Dylan Matthew, TritonalHappy Where We Are (Ilan Bluestone Remix)
02:30:11Sam LaxtonWaiting for the Sun
02:34:18Art of TranceMadagascar (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
02:43:52ALPHA 9Time Traveller
02:47:56Andrew Rayel, Olivia SebastianelliEverything Everything (Cosmic Gate Remix)
02:52:34David ForbesRandomize
02:57:12ALPHA 9, MuvyFriend
03:00:14Giuseppe OttavianiExplorer
03:04:39HALIENE, MaRLoSay Hello (Darren Porter Remix)
03:10:00Kenny PalmerSen’jin
03:14:36ALPHA 9Stellar
03:18:15Will AtkinsonRush
03:23:35Robert Miles, TinlickerChildren
03:27:39i_oCastles in the Sky