Lunch Trance – 2021-01-10 – Top of the Month

So, funny thing, I did play the Top of the Month show on sunday night but something (I’m looking at you, Traktor) seems to have fucked up the recording, there’s a file missing. 😢 So, unless you were one the five persons watching the set live you will never hear it. Which is a pity because it was great.

Anyway, there will be a next Top of the Month next month and it will be using the same format, i.e. a selection of the Top 100 of January 2021 but not played as countdown to the first place but in a real mix. I’m looking forward to it!

Lunch Trance – 2021-01-08 – Top of the Month – ABORTED & DELAYED

So, there I was, two hours into playing my new Top of the Month show when my DJing machine suddenly decided to lock up which makes playing on a bit… harder than usual. I didn’t really have a choice but to abort, so with a heavy heart I did. Raiding Liquid Bongo was still possible from another machine, luckily. Thank you, Panda, for being there! 🙂

Anyway, I want to do this again but I have to check with the authorities if I can get a sunday slot, otherwise it will have to wait until next friday. Stay tuned!

Lunch Trance – 2020-12-25 – Random Festive Selection

Faderhead, one of the persons behind Ghost City asked me a few days ago if I would like to play as part of the Ghost City XXXMAS festival and oh boy, would I! Of course.

You can download the show here, and this is the partial playlist because of course I forgot to start the recording in time once again, like an idiot:

00:00:00Memory LossFugue State
00:02:16Milan van SkylerUnforgiven
00:05:59Mino Safy & DJ XquizitArely (Max Freegrant Remix)
00:13:17Ruslan RadrigesAlteri
00:16:56Alan MorrisBorn
00:21:19Armin van Buuren feat. KensingtonHeading Up High (First State Remix)
00:25:03Jason Ross vs. LuminaryAmsterdam Cairo (Above & Beyond Bootleg)
00:28:32Vintage & MorelliDaydream (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
00:32:28Oliver SmithMirage
00:35:36The Doppler EffectBeauty Hides In The Deep (Shugz Tech Rework)
00:47:17Orkidea & LowlandGlowing Skies (Solarstone Pure Mix)
00:52:27Rising Star feat. Betsie LarkinAgain (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
00:56:57Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Kim KionaComing Home (Vocal Mix)
01:01:58Sneijder feat. Christina NovelliLove of My Control (Sam Jones Remix)
01:07:19LuminaryAmsterdam (Smith & Pledger Update)
01:11:57Dark FusionMystery
01:15:54Ilan BluestoneElevate
01:24:52Max Graham and Neev KennedyGuiding Light (Club Mix)
01:30:11Ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe de LucaFrozen Ground
01:37:05Bigtopo & Omar Diaz feat. Tim HiIt’s Not The End (Mike Saint-Jules Remix)
01:41:59Armin van BuurenMy Symphony (The Best of Armin Only Anthem)
01:46:07Heavens CryTil Tears Do Us Part (Stimulator Remix)
01:49:56Shane Kinsella & Project 8Serenity (Project 8 Pres. Shane Kinsella)
01:54:58Alpha 9Higher Place
01:58:40David GravellDream
02:01:55Johnny YonoSevered Ties
02:05:10Heaven’s CryVoices
02:09:38Future DiscipleAdventure to the South (Robert Nickson Remix)
02:14:37Dj Xquizit feat. Tim HilbertsFirst To Go (Soniq State Remix)
02:20:25William Daniel Pres. FU2RAMachine Language
02:24:41Dave Pearce & FariusFlorecer
02:28:23RamRamsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)